Check-in and check-out times

In the majority of cases the guests using TripAways are offered to have the following check-in and check-out times:

  1. The guests can arrive at the apartment only after 2 PM, and each new day of the booking starts at 3 PM
  2. The guest has to leave the apartment before 12 AM

The time between the departure of one tenant and arrival of another one is used to clean the apartment and check for any damages. One of TripAways representatives will come to the apartment to check that everything is working as intended.

The mentioned arrival and departure times are used only for objects controlled by TripAways. All new objects added to the system have the very same schedule. Each owner is able to change the time of arrival and departure; however, such changes have to be clearly shown in the listing. Guests will be able to see exact arrival and departure times on the listing page.

Please note that the times indicated in the listing have the higher priority than the times of TripAways. The user has to look only at the time of arrival and departure of the listing if such time is published there.

The guest is able to arrive or depart earlier or later only after talking with the owner of TripAways representative. In some cases, such changes can be caused by the flight timing when guests want to stay in the accommodation until the evening. Furthermore, guests arriving at the city with the morning flight want to arrive at their apartment earlier.

By renting accommodation at TripAways, you are able to arrange required changes by talking with the landlord. When an apartment is controlled by the company, you have to contact our representatives using the chat, the phone, Skype or any other messengers, such as Telegram or even Viber.

You need to understand that you can arrive early or depart later only in case if it’s not reserved right before or immediately after you. In the majority of cases, both landlords and TripAways representatives will do everything to fulfill your request. In case if another guest is going to arrive after you, you won’t be able to stay longer.

All changes of arrival and departure times at TripAways are absolutely free, and you don’t have to pay. We will try to make such changes whenever it’s possible. Nevertheless, the owner is able to ask additional money for such changes. We ask our landlords to publish information about paid changes of arrival and departure times.

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