Booking cancellation by the owner: 2 ways to solve the problem

In case if you’ve found an apartment on TripAways and booked it, but the owner requested booking cancellation, there are two main ways to solve this problem:


  • The payment can be used for different accommodation offered on TripAways
  • You can get a full refund for the booking

Warning: in case if there are more than 4 weeks before your check-in time, you will be able to use only full refund option, and make another booking on TripAways.

booking cancellation

Transferring money

In case if you’ve chosen this option, the entire amount will be transferred to the new booking. In order to use this feature, you need to find accommodation in the desired area, while we will transfer all previously paid funds and bonus (if applicable) to the new booking. In case if the new booking is less expensive than the previous one, you will get the difference back.


Full refund

If the owner performs booking cancellation, and you don’t want to book something else on TripAways, you are able to send us a full refund request. In order to make it, please do the following:


  • Open your personal account in TripAways from your computer
  • Open ‘My trips’ section
  • Choose the trip with the booking cancellation request
  • Click ‘Get full refund’

Can you leave the review about the owner who canceled the booking?

You can, but only in case if the booking cancellation took place on the day of arrival or even later. In case if the booking was canceled well in advance, you won’t be able to leave a review.

In case if the owner cancels booking before the arrival, their listing will be added with a comment about cancellation initiated by the owner. Such messages are permanent and can’t be deleted, serving as a punishment for a booking cancellation. However, the owner is able to provide an answer, explaining the case. Other guests will be able to see such comments in order to decide if they want to stay with such owner.

Furthermore, you are able to send your comments directly to the owner, using personal messages system, which is available on TripAways anytime.

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