Booking and Payment

The process of booking and payment for accommodation on TripAways is pretty easy and requires about 3-4 minutes of your time to perform all required actions. In general, the entire booking process contains the following parts:

  • You have to find and press the “Book” button on the page with the selected apartment;
  • A new window will appear offering you to select dates of your short-term stay (in case if you haven’t done such selection on the page with accommodation description);
  • If the apartment is available for the selected period, you will see the active “Confirm” button. Press it, please.
  • In case if accommodation is not available, the calendar will show you available and booked periods. You can choose different time period or press the “Cancel” button in order to return to the page with accommodation description.

After pressing “Confirm” you will be redirected to the booking payment page. You have to enter information about your credit card in order to make the initial payment. If you don’t want to pay right now or you want to talk with one of our managers in order to proceed with the booking and use different payment option you can use the “Send request” button. The apartment will be preliminary booked for the period of 24 hours.

After completing the payment the system will show you a payment confirmation, while we will receive your paid booking request. In about 10- 15 minutes during the working hours one of our managers will call you to discuss all the details of your booking. If you make a booking our of the office hours, we will contact you as soon as our manager will receive information about your request.

There’s a simplified version of the process of booking and payment, when all mentioned steps are made by one of our managers. In order to use it, please do the following:

  • Use our online-chat about your will to book accommodation or simply call us;
  • Tell us about desired dates to book an apartment in the system;
  • Tell us about your preferred payment method;
  • Complete the payment process;
  • Inform our manager about sending the payment.

After doing so your booking request will be processed and one of our managers will inform you about successful booking of the apartment for the selected period. If necessary, we are always ready to send you your short-term rental agreement and payment receipt by e-mail or fax.

That’s all you have to do to make a booking in our system, and now you can start preparing your trip to Dubai. Your comfortable and cozy apartment is already waiting for you.

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