Booking accommodation

In order to book accommodation on TripAways, the user needs to do the following:

  1. Use the top menu of the website to choose the country and the city where you plan to rent an apartment. You can also do that in a special section (you will see a new window in order to continue reading this instruction). After choosing the city the system will show you the list of houses and apartments available for rental.
  2. Try to use filters in the left menu in order to narrow the list, and show only listings corresponding to your requirements.
  3. Browse the list of apartments, and choose the best of them. Look through the photos and read thorough descriptions. Don’t try to book the first option you liked, and ask all questions you have directly to the owner, using the contact form under the listing.
  4. After that, you can use the availability calendar in the right part of the screen, or choose the dates for accommodation booking. If the chosen dates are booked by another user, the system will notify you, not allowing completing the booking process.
  5. If the chosen dates are free, you will have to indicate some additional information, e.g. traveling with kids, pets, or the number of guests.
  6. Check the final price of the booking for all the guests and the selected period.
  7. Confirm your booking and open the payment page...

Be careful while choosing accommodation and confirming the booking. After the confirmation, the apartment will be blocked for 30 minutes, which are enough to complete the payment. In case if you change your mind, and cancel the booking, the system will refund you the full price without the service and cleaning fees for the chosen period.

In case if all apartments are booked for the chosen period, you can contact one of our managers using our online-chat. They will be able to contact our partners and find the most appropriate option for you. We kindly recommend you to talk with both owners and managers, asking a lot of questions and choosing accommodation for booking that totally corresponds your requests.

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