Apartment photos

Photos are the main source of information about the apartment for tenants on TripAways. Frequently, future guests are choosing an apartment from wide choice of options by looking at high-quality and detailed photos. In other words, the way of making apartment photographs before publishing on TripAways significantly affects the level of owner’s revenues. Let’s look closer and find out how to make good shots.

Apartment photos

First of all you have to prepare your apartment for photo shooting. It has to attract guests making the want to spend their holiday in your accommodation. That’s why even before starting to make apartment photographs you have to do the following:

  1. Restore and repair all visible damages (if available)
  2. Perform full cleaning, wash windows and ceramics
  3. Buy new bed sheets (if possible).

After that you can start to make photos. This process has to be done only during the day and in proper lighting conditions; otherwise, all photos will be too dark and all colors will look unnatural.

Now, the most important is to choose what to shoot. According to our experience, the more different photographs are offered, the longer will the user stay on your page and the higher are chances that they will book your accommodation. Don’t forget that all photos have to be interesting and attracting. You are the one to choose what to shoot, but don’t forget to take the following picture:

  1. Each room separately
  2. Kitchen
  3. Toilet (or bathroom and toilet separately). Take pictures of all bathrooms if there are several of them
  4. Balcony
  5. All doors – the main one and interior (in order to explain the floor plan to the guest, allowing them to understand connection between all the rooms)
  6. Household items in the kitchen
  7. Open wardrobes and storage facilities
  8. Views from windows and balcony
  9. General view of the residential complex from the street.

If your apartment has several flaws, you don’t have to hide them or try to mask them with photo editing software. According to our experience, the most demanding guests will ask for compensation in case if they manage to find damages or defects, which were not available on photos. And to tell the truth, they are totally right.

In case if your apartment has a visually distinguishable problem that will not affect guests, you shall make photos in such a way to keep it discreet, yet visible. People who don’t really care about such small problems will never notice it, but those who like to know everything will definitely find it and take into account.

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