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Accommodation types offered for rental on TripAways

TripAways allows renting out and leasing virtually any type of accommodation, from a small apartment to a luxurious loft, and from a bungalow to a villa with a couple of garages. All accommodation types are demanded, but some of them are having higher demand than others.

When an owner adds his or her accommodation to the website, he or she selects the proper category for it, while our regional representative or a photographer confirms the selected type during the visit.

It’s really important for the owners to select the proper type of the accommodation. If the guest plans to stay in a specific type of accommodation, they may be disappointed at the moment of arrival. Such situation may lead to a negative review, which will affect the position of the ad in the system, and decrease the overall number of guests in the future.

We made a special list of the main accommodation types offered on TripAways. You can check the list in order to find the proper category for your accommodation. Furthermore, you can use it even if you are a guest because you will know all the categories. Use the links in the list to get a detailed description for each of them.

  1. Studio — an apartment that has a living zone combined with the bedroom. Usually, these are the most affordable and smallest places, but there may be some exceptions.
  2. One-bedroom apartment — this apartment has a separate bedroom divided by the door.
  3. Multiroom apartment — accommodation with the rooms divided by walls and having separate entrance doors. The number of rooms is usually equal with the number of bedrooms, but there may be some exceptions (always read the description).
  4. Penthouse — accommodation located on the upper floors of the building; there are different floor plan options; sometimes it has a panoramic view over the city.
  5. Loft — a spacious place, which is usually not divided into the rooms; it has high ceilings and giant windows. In the majority of cases old industrial places are used to create lofts.
  6. Separate room — can be rented as in apartments, as well as in houses.
  7. House — a separate place with an entrance.
  8. Bungalow — a separate house in a hotel complex.

In case if you don’t know the exact category of your accommodation, send a request to our customer service, and we will help you to choose the most appropriate option.

In case if you are the guest, and you think that one of the listings is located in a wrong category, please inform our customer service. We will check accommodation, and inform you.

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