Accommodation description

Accommodation description on TripAways is the only one source of information about the apartment for the guest. The more full and interesting such description is, the higher is the rental rate of the apartment. That’s why before starting to think how to fill out accommodation description, we recommend you to perform the following actions:

  1. Make renovation (if necessary). It can be just light cosmetic renovation in order to remove several easily distinguishable damages
  2. Make full cleaning of the apartment
  3. Create a set of clear and high-quality photos. We recommend you to use a professional camera or hire a photographer (which is the best option).

Only by providing clear and bright photos the owner can fill out accommodation description in a way that will bring the maximum number of guests. In order to do that:

  1. Write the full and exact address of the apartment, including the name of the area and the residential complex of the apartment
  2. Write the level of the apartment
  3. Indicate information about the total area
  4. Write if the apartment has a balcony
  5. Create full description of interior and add information about furniture: beds (write about the size if possible), wardrobes, tables and chairs
  6. Create a list of kitchen appliances and describe current condition
  7. List all additional equipment and amenities, such as toaster, hairdryer, towels, kettle and other things (if available)
  8. Add several photos with views from the windows
  9. Write several words about the residential complex and all additional services: maybe there’s a gym, a pool, a playground for kids or several shops and restaurants
  10. Tell your guests about the distance to the closest attractions and time to reach the biggest malls, beaches, the city centre or a subway station
  11. Write if there’s a dedicated parking place in the complex or maybe somewhere near
  12. Tell about the cleaning schedule in the apartment.

Accommodation description

Finally, do not forget to write your rules and requirements for guests during their stay. In particular, don’t forget to answer the following questions:

  1. Is it possible to stay in the apartment with kids?
  2. Can guests bring their pets with them? If yes, then write about allowed types of pets (if it’s really important for you)
  3. Is it allowed to smoke in the apartment?

Don’t forget to write about all feature of your apartment, which can be important for your guests. For example, some guests are interested in various amenities for kids. Write if your apartment has such things (a chair or a crib) or if it’s possible to rent such objects at the reception zone. Tell your guests about affordable cafes or restaurants near the apartment. Such thorough approach allows making your apartment really recognizable and memorable among other options on the website, causing additional interest of future guests.

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