About TripAways

TripAways is a global accommodation booking service that allows trips planning and ordering various touristic services. You can use our website to do the following things:

Choose a place for a holiday and learn everything about it

Choose and book air tickets to virtually any place in the world

Become a part of the global traveler’s society

Book accommodation in the desired place

Our company started working as a real estate agency in the big, yet very competitive marker of Dubai and our team managed to transform it into a giant portal that allows tourists to book the entire trip to virtually any place in the world. Furthermore, your trip will perfectly meet your needs: you will be able to learn everything about the new place, enjoy the comfortable trip, or save a lot of money during the booking process.

What are we trying to achieve here at TripAways?

Our main goal for today is to help tourists to plan their trips, make the process of booking much easier, improve the overall speed of trip preparation, provide convenient tools for price comparison, decrease additional costs, and improve the overall level of comfort. 


When we outlined these goals, we understood that the main mission of TripAways is to transform the process of travel planning into an easy, interesting, safe and the most enjoyable process. We do everything in order to allow our users to enter the website, and create their trip goals without hesitation. They can book virtually everything, from a flight to a taxi, from excursions to business meetings. Today we already know that it’s not too difficult because such safety and easiness will be the most important things in the future.


At the same time, the majority of key tools development here at TripAways depends on our users. Your comments, offers, reviews and all other activities are highly demanded by other travelers from all over the world. We are using such feedback to develop new tools and adjust our website to make it even better and more attractive. We kindly ask you to use this platform, write your ideas and comments, and we will try to transform your trips into the holiday already at the stage of planning.

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