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Studios on TripAways are one of the most demanded types of accommodation. The main advantage is their low price in conjunction with a great location. In the majority of cases, such accommodation is located in touristic or central areas close to main attractions and places of interest. They are the best choice for lonely tourists and family couples because they provide high comfort and affordable prices.

No surprise that there’s the highest number of studios on TripAways among all other types of accommodation.

What is that?

A studio is a separate apartment in a building. It has no walls or separate rooms. It has a separate bathroom and a toilet (sometimes combined together), as well as a balcony (if applicable). The visual division of the bedroom, the kitchen, the living room and the dining zone is made with the furniture or special zoning. However, all parts are connected together.

The main difference between a studio and a loft is that a studio is smaller, and located in apartment blocks, while lofts can be found in industrial and other commercial locations. Studios are the most economical and affordable accommodation option.

Despite its small size, all studios are usually equipped with all required household appliances, e.g. a cooking panel, a fridge, a washing machine and a TV. It also has a wardrobe, a big table, and a double bed.


Main features of studio rental on TripAways


In the majority of cases studios offer at least two places for sleeping, and sometimes guests are able to use a sofa as an additional space for sleeping. That’s why all studios on TripAways are always rented without owners because it wouldn’t be comfortable to stay in such tiny place together.

Due to the high demand and low prices studios on TripAways are usually rented out incredibly fast, and are booked many months in advance before the beginning of the season. That’s why it’s pretty hard to find a studio during the peak season, and you need to plan everything in advance. Be ready that an apartment that was empty today, will be booked by the evening.

In the majority of touristic places (for example, Dubai, Istanbul, and Goa) studios are located in special residential complexes for tourists. Here they are able to get a specific level of services, which affect the price. In such situations, guests are able to use the entire infrastructure, i.e. the pool, the gym, the playground for kids and beach services.

If you plan to stay with your kids, it’s recommended to book a one-bedroom apartment or a bungalow.

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