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Contact the owner

All users of TripAways are able contact the owner through the personal messaging system or by using contact information indicated by the owner in their profile. If an apartment is serviced directly by TripAways, it’s impossible to contact the owner directly and all questions have to be addressed to managers of the company.

Check-in and check-out times in listings published on TripAways

In this article, you are going to discover the purpose of check-in and check-out times in listings published on TripAways. These fields are required for all the listings, and here’s why…

How to change accommodation

Cases when the guest is required to change accommodation are very rare on TripAways, because there’s simply no such a need in the majority of situations. However, in case if the guest wants to move, we are ready to grant such requests in a timely manner.

Unpleasant situations on TripAways

Unpleasant situations on TripAways can be caused as by unreliable owner of the apartment, as well as by violation of the rules by the guest.

Cancellation of a confirmed booking

On TripAways both the owner and the guest are able to cancel the booking after confirmation by paying a part of the price.

Rental without the owner

On TripAways users are able to rent accommodation as with, as well as without the owner. These nuances have to be indicated in the description of the listing, or discussed before making a booking.

Booking cancellation by the owner: 2 ways to solve the problem

Booking cancellation by the owner: what to do if the owner wants to cancel the booking? You will find a detailed answer in this useful article.

Booking price

Details of the booking price on TripAways: all fees, detailed information about the payment process, transferring money from the tenant to the owner.

Booking and Payment

The process of booking and payment for accommodation on TripAways is as simple as possible and requires just a couple of minutes.

Check-in and check-out times

Check-in and check-out times at TripAways are set as 11 AM and 3 PM, but you are able to change them after talking with the owner of the apartment.

Safety of guests

One of the key aspects of work of TripAways is the security of our guests and visitors.

Main filters in the selection menu

All objects for rental at TripAways are available and can be easily found on this page. In order to make the process of searching more convenient, you can use a filter to select required criteria.