Adelaide Zoo – house from 2,500 birds and animals

There are more than 250 different species living in the zoo, including tree and short-tail kangaroos, big and red pandas, and even 2 flamingoes of more than 70 years old.

While visiting Australia, one can see incredibly rare and exotic animals, which can be found only in the wild nature of this region. If you decide to come here, you need to visit at least one of 25 national parks. If you come to Adelaide, you can visit the local zoo in order to witness amazing animals and birds. Adelaide Zoo is a home for more than 250 species of animals, and you will be able to touch and even to feed the majority of them. 

Adelaide Zoo

Adelaide Zoo: rare animals in the natural conditions

Adelaide Zoo has a lot of specific features, which make it a really unique and worth to visit the place. First of all, all animals are kept in the conditions, which are as close as possible to the conditions of the wild nature. There are no fences in the zoo. Secondly, one can find two unique pandas, which can’t be encountered in any zoo in the southern hemisphere. Thirdly, Adelaide Zoo is a non-commercial project, which is supported by the state and volunteers. 

Adelaide Zoo

Adelaide Zoo was opened in 1883 and is one of the most ancient and the biggest Zoos in Australia. Currently, it serves as a home for more than 2,500 animals, and the visitors of the zoo are able to touch and feed the majority of them. One can find kangaroos, wild tigers, lions, elephants, red pandas, echidna, wombats, hippos, penguins, as well as many other animals and birds. 


The workers and the volunteers of the zoo do their best to create perfect living conditions for animals. There are no cages, and the animals are not limited to their movement. For example, while walking through the park one needs to be careful in order not to step on the spiky echidna called Stevie. This animal is 21 years old, and it’s totally blind, yet really active and fast. 

Adelaide Zoo

While planning the location of the different zones for animals, the specialists kept their social group in mind. As a result, the pairs are living in secluded zones; monkeys are living in pride, while horses and other animals are staying in a herd. 


The territory of Adelaide Zoo is divided into several zones for animals, which prefer a similar climate and living conditions. Before making a visit to the park one definitely needs to look at the map in order to plan the route, and check all the interesting sections of the park. 

Adelaide Zoo

Mini-tours where one can touch and feed the animals

During the day the zoo offers small tours, allowing the guests to look at how local workers are feeding the animals, and listen to the amazing stories about them. The smallest animals are taken right to the guests, and one can easily touch and feed them. The animals have different feeding times, this you can easily participate in several mini-tours if you plan everything in advance. The schedule can be found on the website, as well as near the entrance to the park. 

Adelaide Zoo was opened in 1883 and is one of the most ancient and the biggest Zoos in Australia. Currently, it serves as a home for more than 2,500 animals, and the visitors of the zoo are able to touch and feed the majority of them. Furthermore, one can find two unique pandas, which can’t be found in any other zoos of the southern hemisphere.

You can also go directly to the so-called contact zone of the Adelaide Zoo in order to meet with local animals. This a specially created zone with friendly and small animals, thus even the youngest visitors of the park can interact and play with them. Here one can find tiny tree kangaroos, quokkas, deer, rabbits, raccoons and a lot of colorful birds. 

Adelaide Zoo

Saving endangered species

The workers of the zoo create special conditions not only for the comfortable living but for the breeding. There are many endangered species in the zoo, and those animals can’t be found in the wild nature. For example, one can see the western swamp turtle, which used to live in the swamps all over Australia, but faced the problem of drying swamps. During the hot season, the turtles lose their home and trying to hide under the ground or dry leaves in order to wait for the rainy season. Recently the group of turtles created a new generation that was taken to the wild nature. 

Adelaide Zoo

There are two amazing pandas called Wang-Wang and Funi. They were taken to the Adelaide Zoo in 2009 after the approval of the Chinese government. It’s worth noting that all pandas belong to China and rented out to other zoos for the term of maximum 10 years. In case if pandas create a new generation, the small pandas have to be sent to China when they reach 8 months of their age. The workers of Adelaide Zoo thought that Funi was pregnant several times, but she never produced a new generation. Both pandas have to return to China in the nearest future. 


Address: Adelaide Zoo, Frome Road, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

Working hours: from 9:00 to 16:30

Tickets: for children – $20, for adults - $30

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