Gold fever in the restaurants in Dubai

We all know the famous ice cream with gold in Dubai. But the usage of the gold in the process of cooking has already become a great tradition, and some people prefer to eat gold once in a while.

According to the experts, the demand on the gold in the UAE is falling during the last 20 years, but it’s impossible to notice this trend in Dubai. Gold is not only an attractive asset but a sign of luxury and high status. No surprise that Dubai takes almost 25% of the overall gold trade in the world.


Furthermore, Dubai is not hiding its passion to the precious metal. Golden sports cars, dishes with gold powder, golden buildings, and Gold Souk market, which is literally made from gold. Furthermore, some people are eating pure gold too.


Just think about the following numbers: Burj Al Arab is one of the most prestigious hotels in Dubai. 1,790 square meters of walls, floors, and objects are plated with 24-karat gold. While workers of Gold On 27 Bar add the golden powder to cappuccino and various cocktails.

Gold in Dubai

Interestingly, gold has no smell or taste, and it doesn’t change the taste of dishes. So what’s the point of adding it to drinks?

Cappuccino with golden foam, grinders with gold instead of pepper, and a golden donut – these are normal things for the modern restaurants in Dubai, but we all know that trends are temporary. What is the opinion of the experts on the food from gold?

Golden status of the customer

“Gold is the symbol of luxury and wealth, - tells Etienne Haro, the supply manager in Burj Al Arab. By adding it to the food and object of the daily life people are highlighting their own success, showing that they are able to reach things, which are simply unreachable by the majority of people. At the very same time gold has to positive or adverse effects on the body. For example, brilliants are expensive too, but we can’t use them for ice cream because people will destroy their teeth. While gold is harmless and allows highlighting their status.”


Furthermore, such golden are demanded! One can find chocolate with gold, grinders with gold powder, sugar cubes with gold and many other things. One can order a special spraying device to add gold to any kind of the food.

Gold in Dubai

“We are not thinking only about gold, as a way to attract exclusive customers, - tells Etienne Haro. – Gold is just the addition to the highest level of services. We have different goals. For example, we are ready to tell about the history and ideology of Dubai, using gold as some kind of metaphor. By the way, that’s why we call our cocktails ‘Light golden humidity’, ‘City of gold’ and ‘2020’.”


We can say for sure that some requests of the hotel guests can be really extravagant. One of the women constantly orders a pie covered with gold and made according to her recipe. Another car manufacturer constantly orders a golden cheesecake in the form of a golden donut, as well as five other dishes made with gold.

Gold fever in the restaurants in Dubai

Gold fever in the restaurants in Dubai

Right time and the right place

Interestingly, Dubai is not the only place in the world, where gold became an expensive additive to the food. 


For example, one can go to Industry Kitchen in New York and order a pizza with fois gras, two types of caviar, truffles, and gold for $2,700. However, one has to order it in 48 hours in advance because it needs some time to be cooked.

Gold fever in the restaurants in Dubai

Furthermore, one of the food courts in New York offered designer burgers with fois gras, lobsters, truffles, caviar and champagne wrapped in 24-karat decorative gold. One burger was worth $666.


However, all experts are sure that such golden diet is a temporary trend, which becomes less and less popular. 


“People in Dubai love luxury, but the golden food is something like a popular trend, which won’t become a tradition, - says restaurant expert, Samantha Wood. – Such dishes are just a way to show that a restaurant is able to offer something new, but it won’t be the main source of income.”


Another expert, Dan The EmirEATi, is even more strict:

Dan (aka The Emireati) demonstrating just how fun Play by Day was!
Dan (aka The Emireati) demonstrating just how fun Play by Day was!

“Dubai is just a place, where gold in food became a funny tradition. This is the best combination of people, who love money and luxury. However, I’m sure it’s going to be over really soon. People are getting “mature” incredibly fast, and such childish things will be lost and forgotten.”

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