Ras Al Khor Natural Reserve, flamingoes and mangroves

If one goes just a couple of kilometers from Burj Khalifa, they will find Ras Al Khor natural reserve with untouched mangroves and a flock of more than 500 flamingoes.

Ras Al Khor natural reserve – the home of flamingoes in Dubai

During the period from 7 to 10 days, the typical tourist in Dubai can hardly check the basic list of attraction that includes Burj Khalifa, the dancing fountains, Atlantis Water Park, and Mall of Emirates. While the rest of time is allocated for beach relaxation and visiting a couple of restaurants.

Ras Al Khor in Dubai

In the majority of cases, the people simply have no time to check the natural attractions of Dubai. Furthermore, almost 100% of the tourists are sure that there’s nothing interesting except Dubai in the region. How can one imagine any kind of natural beauties in the hot desert?

Ras Al Khor will prove you wrong. This is a real gem of Dubai and the UAE. Here you can find the untouched world of wild nature hidden between the residential areas and wide highways. Here you can take a look at the giant flock of pink flamingoes, mangrove trees, tiny sandpipers running all around the swamped areas, and enjoy the sunset in the deserted oasis. 

It’s worth noting that such a great tour will be a great addition to the memorable trip to such a technologically developed city like Dubai. Here one can dip into nature, feeling the contrast and getting totally relaxed.

Now let’s take a closer look at this amazing location...

Ras Al Khor in Dubai

Ras Al Khor – a natural reserve in the city

The most famous natural reserve in the Middle East with the biggest flock of flamingoes is located in around 9 km from the Dubai International Airport and in 5 kilometers from Burj Khalifa. The natural reserve can be found on the southern side of Dubai Creek, right next to the newly built Dubai Channel. In order to save the untouched mangrove forests located on the local swamps, the administration of Dubai decided to avoid removing them and ordered to keep the natural reserve and make it a real piece of nature in the heart of Dubai.

We have to notice that it wasn’t really easy because the natural reserve is located not far from the central areas of the city, and the land is more than attractive for the developers because this district is located right on the banks of the natural pond.

Ras Al Khor in Dubai

Nevertheless, the administration of the region made a smart decision to save a piece of wild nature and a real mascot of Dubai, i.e. pink flamingoes. Such important symbols of Dubai are more expensive than all hotels and residential complexes, which could be built here.

In order to save the untouched nature of the natural reserve, the administration of Dubai invited WWF experts, while the National Bank of Dubai paid for everything.

As a result of this cooperation, we can enjoy the natural with incredibly beautiful birds is located right next to the most frequently visited areas in the city and the tourist crowds. Furthermore, the majority of tourists never visits this place because they are not aware of the fact that the biggest natural reserve can be found in less than 10 minutes from Burj Khalifa. One can reach the viewing point and admire pink flamingoes, bee-eaters, and bulbuls.

Ras Al Khor in Dubai

The city of birds in Ras Al Khor

No doubt, flamingoes are the most famous birds in the natural reserve. There are more than 500 birds living here on the permanent basis, having their nests here. During the spring and the summer, they look astonishing during their breeding season. At that time they have light pink feathers, changing it to show white dress for the winter. They look splendid even in white color, even though it’s not as incredible as the pink one.

It’s worth noting that flamingo looks incredibly astonishing ion the flocks of 100 – 150 birds creating an incredible and memorable picture. During a visit to this natural reserve, one can admire this incredible art of nature.

Ras Al Khor is one of the most beautiful natural location in Dubai that serves as the home for 500 pink flamingoes and 250 other birds and animals.

There are many other bird species living in Ras Al Khor. The majority of them are incredibly attractive and interesting too. Just look at bee-eaters with their green colors making them look like a real gem in the bushes. Take a look at peacocks living in the wild nature right in the center of the big city. If you are lucky enough, you can see the fish-hawk, enjoying its grace, and watch it hunting for the fish, catching it right from the water with its mighty claws.

Ras Al Khor in Dubai

All of these heroes are living right next to their less popular neighbors – small sandpipers and sparrows running all around the shallow waters, and trying to catch small bugs and insects in the water. The real fans of the wild nature can enjoy looking at them, trying to discover the highest number of species.

In general, there are more than 250 bird species and 47 plants located in the natural reserve. These are more than enough to spend 3-4 hours in the natural reserve.

Planning the trip

One can reach the natural reserve from any part of Dubai or use the nearest Burj Khalifa metro station.

There are two viewing points in the southern and the western parts of the park. The western viewing point is located closer to the city, but one has to use binoculars to see flamingoes, while the southern one is located far from the city, and closer to the flamingo home.

Ras Al Khor in Dubai

One can visit the natural reserve for free, and it’s protected by the guards, who keep the order in the park. One has to walk only along the special pathways, and it’s strictly prohibited to go somewhere else. You also need to take binoculars with you because they are not available in the park.

The workers of the park feed flamingoes every single day at 16:30. It’s really interesting and unusual because the flamingoes surround the car, waiting for the fodder.

One can visit the park from 9:00 till 19:00, and it’s recommended to choose the morning or the evening to avoid the excessive heat during the daytime.

In case if you plan to visit Downtown during the trip to Dubai, try to find some time, and go to the nature reserve to see flamingoes. It’s really worth it!

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