Your Lyon gastronomic guide (2)

03 May 2019
If you are short on time, and a deep immersion into the culinary world of Lyon is not an option, visit a gastro-market.

We are still in Lyon trying the delicacies this beautiful city and food capital offers at more than a thousand local eateries.


Fit for a king

Paul Bocuse restaurant

There is no other chef de cuisine who has influenced French culinary traditions the way legendary Paul Bocuse did. Today, over 20 restaurants all over the world belong to his empire. But the main treasure is an establishment in Lyon that carries his name. Paul Bocuse restaurant has won three Michelin stars for a reason – perfect Lyonese quenelles with crayfish, and branzino with delicate puff pastry are cooked here.

Café Sillon, Lyon

Another place marked by culinary critics and receiving high scores in different gastronomic ratings is Café Sillon. You won’t be overwhelmed by the menu size, but will surely like its updates made every two weeks. Local products and seasonal approach are the restaurant’s main principles.

Les Apothicaires, Lyon

Although Lyon is very proud of its talented sons who have reached culinary heights of French cuisine, it lets new citizens succeed here too. One example is Les Apothicaires place opened not long ago by a chef from Savoy. The menu was created featuring the owner’s wife coming from Brazil. So this curious mix of French and Latin cuisines has quickly won the love of local and foreign gourmets. If you stop by, order beetroot parfait with caramelized orange, tuna with mango chutney and pâté with radish and Sichuan pepper marmalade.


Market relations

Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse

If you are short on time, and a deep immersion into the culinary world of Lyon is not an option, visit a gastro-market. The most famous food market in the city is named – who would doubt? – Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse. You can find excellent farm products from Rhône-Alpes region here. Delicious Tomme de Savoie cheese, Lyonnais blood sausages, and Arcachon oysters can all be bought under one roof.

Store of Voisin Lyon

For those who can’t go without something sweet, the local branch store of Voisin is a must-visit. This confectionery was founded in 1897, and is popular for selling one of Lyon’s most famous delights – coussin de Lyon sweets of green marzipan with chocolate filling and orange liqueur.

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