I want to book accommodation on TripAways. What do I have to do to make it?

Booking accommodation on TripAways is really simple. It’s so easy that writing a request to the Customer Service is even more difficult.

The process of accommodation booking on TripAways is incredibly simple and allows travelers spending the minimum amount of time, thus being able to book accommodation from any place in the world. You won’t face any problems too because all the steps are clear and intuitive. You need to make a couple of things before starting the booking process:


  1. Choose a specific location of accommodation
  2. Define your requirements: size, number of rooms, number of beds, kitchen equipment
  3. Choose specific dates for the booking
  4. Choose the price range

Now you need to make the following actions using #TripAways:


  1. Enter the country or the city in the search box
  2. Enter the dates
  3. Choose appropriate options, open them, and make sure they correspond your requirements
  4. Send a booking request to the owner
  5. Save other options in the Favorites list
  6. In case if the owner confirms the booking request in 24 hours, you are able to book it. Otherwise, you can check other options
  7. Pay for accommodation
  8. Prepare for the trip

In case if you face any problems during the booking process, just write us in the chat, and ask everything you want. Our representative will do their best to help you.

Booking accommodation on TripAways

Can your managers book everything on my behalf?

Yes, you can write to the Customer Support, asking to book accommodation, and indicating your requirements. Our manager will find the most appropriate options, and you will be able to choose one of them. Please be ready that such behavior takes more time.


Can the owner cancel the booking after I make the payment?

Yes, but you will get a full refund. In other words, you will be able to make a new booking really easy. By the way, such cases are extremely rare on TripAways. 

TripAways Holiday Homes Rental

Can I book accommodation on TripAways for tonight?

Yes, sure, but only if it’s available. You can make a booking even at accommodation (if you want to stay longer), or in case if you need something in a specific area. In case if the owner is ready to meet you to give you the keys, they will meet you, and help to check-in.

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