World’s most beautiful eateries

12 April 2019
Once you enter its unremarkable door you will discover a bright green interior inspired by the nineteen-sixties.

The satisfaction we get from eating out depends not only on how tasty the menu is. Obviously, most of us love an eye-pleasing place to sit down to table at. We selected five restaurants for an enjoyable meal.



The place exists since the end of 18th century and hosted such notable people as Byron, Dumas père, and Proust. After a falling-off at the end of the previous century due to the commercializing process that ruled Venice, it was reborn in 2011, when Michelin stars owners got down to business. Alajmo brothers got this restaurant its own star quite soon. The menu combines the brothers’ different characters mixing innovation and tradition. One example is crab served with salsola soda.



This is the most Argentinian parrilla in Paris where almost anything is prepared using an iron grill like they do it in the land of contrasts. The place’s curious interior includes stone flag walls, uncovered brick floors unusual lightening, and seats decorated with wood. Guests enjoy smoked duck breast and seafood brought right from the grill. The local steak with delicious potato garnish will satisfy any meat fan.



Although Bali parties have migrated to Canggu, one of the island’s finest beach clubs appeared in the relaxed off-the-beaten-path surfer place named Uluwatu. Placed over the ocean, Ulu Cliffhouse offers amazing views, an enormous pool, and a beach access. Food serving format is small plates and dishes like shrimp seviche cooked with hot pepper or avocado dip with home grown pomegranates are worth trying.



Don’t be misled by this bar’s location in San Francisco’s main central business part. Once you enter its unremarkable door you will discover a bright green interior inspired by the nineteen-sixties. But the local exotic-themed bar, the Hideaway is the bar’s best card. Order an impressive serving of banana Daiquiri or a delicious amaretto and rum drink.



This café is a perfect illustration of Madrid’s vibe. You will hardly find another eatery with an atmosphere that is same cheerful and positive. Its walls’ tasty and relaxed shades are contrasted with bright elements mixed with black-and-white pictures. Square colorful cushions add coziness to the place. They offer fish carpaccio and vegan burgers with tofu, lentil and red beet.

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