World Happiness Council will increase the happiness level of the humanity

World Happiness Council – new organization that will work hard to improve positive values, principles of kindness and mutual help all over the world.

World Happiness Council will bring happiness to the entire planet

Have you already heard that a company from the UAE will work hard in order to make the humanity happier? On March 20th, 2017, during the International Day of Happiness, the World Happiness Council was born. Furthermore, it’s not a local, but international organization that will prepare the happiness report every year.

The main author of the idea of the council is the head of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Long time ago he announced this idea and now it became real. The organization includes 13 experts from different countries. Professor from the Columbian University, Jeffrey Sachs will be the head of the organization. He’s the author of the famous “shock therapy” for Russia, Bolivia and Poland.

Sheikh Mohammed says that our world requires a totally new approach to the process of making people happy. He says that such approach has to be based on the principles of cooperation and joined efforts. In order to be happy people need to find something common, so called “points of contact”. Only by doing that the humanity can improve and popularize favorable values. No doubt global governments have to change their current approach in order to make people happier.

World Happiness Council says that happiness is a great “infection” and all nations in the world have to be infected with it in order to benefit from its positive side-effects.

World Happiness Council will meet two times per year in order to understand what makes people happy and how to increase the overall level of happiness in the world. The first meeting has already taken place, while the second one will be carried out during the meeting of General Assembly of the UN in the city of New York.

Letter of happiness from UAE to the entire world

World Happiness Council

During the process of World Happiness Council creation Sheikh Mohammed said very interesting words: “Happiness is a commendable infection. We want the peoples of the world to be afflicted with it so they could be blessed with goodness. This may require a tangible change in the culture of the government work. We want to help the international community with its ongoing efforts to make this world a better place."

The idea of World Happiness Council is not really unique. For example, the very same organization is already working in Bhutan. Local government controls the process, trying to make people happier. And they are really successful!

Dubai wants to go further and make the entire humanity happier. However, experts have to discover what makes people happier and which measure are required to reach their goal.


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