What’s the right way to terminate rental agreement in Dubai?

Rental agreement in Dubai: what do you have to know if you want to terminate your rental agreement prematurely? Legislative requirements, traps and falls.

Rental agreement in Dubai can’t be terminated by the will of the owner with no ample grounds. If the tenant is observing all the provisions of the agreement and takes care of the apartment, there’s no risk to stay on the street one day.

All possible reasons and conditions of termination are included in the agreement itself, while relations between the parties are regulated by the law No. 26 that took legal effect in 2007. This document indicates all situations when the owner has a right to terminate the agreement, as well as mutual obligations and rights of both parties.

rental agreement in Dubai

Rental agreement in Dubai: termination at the discretion of the owner

If the owner of the apartment decided to live in it or wants to sell it, he or she has to inform the tenant about that not later than in 12 months. Furthermore, if the owner wants to live in it, he or she has to confirm that there’s no other accommodation available.

How to terminate a rental agreement in Dubai? What are official reasons and conditions for premature termination of a rental agreement? Legal obligations of parties.

Such notification has to be sent by registered mail. If the rental agreement is terminated because of the mentioned reasons, the owner loses his right to rent his apartment for the next 2 years.

The owner may demand to terminate the rental agreement prematurely in the following cases:

  • the tenant is not paying rent for more than one month
  • the tenant is renting the apartment without consent of the owner
  • the tenant is using the apartment for immoral actions
  • the tenant damaged or reconfigured the apartment
  • in case of the building breaking-down risk
  • in case when local authorities decided to demolish the building.

In other words, there has to be a strong reason for termination of the agreement.

Rental agreement in Dubai: termination at the discretion of the tenant

The owner may face different situations in life, which may cause termination of the agreement: he or she may find another accommodation option, another area; the owner may leave to another city or even country.

In general, rental agreements in Dubai include fees and charges for premature termination. For example, the owner has to pay rent for the following 60 days in case of premature terminations and the rent for the following 30 days in case of receiving a notification in 30 days before the moment of termination.

You need to remember that premature termination of the rental agreement is always expensive. Maybe you can avoid such expenses by leaving UAE forever. Remember that the owner may ask you to pay your bills until the agreement is still effective. And if there’s no money on your account you may be held accountable for fraudulent actions.

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