What to do in Palm Jumeirah, where to go and how to spend free time here?

Choose, what to do in Palm Jumeirah: overlooking it from the monorail way, visit Atlantis with the Waterpark, and spend some time in Al Ittihad Park.

Surprisingly, it’s pretty hard to find what to do in Palm Jumeirah. It’s really difficult to find places which are really worth the visit. It seems that such an attractive part of the city that attracts a lot of tourists and travelers from all over the world has to offer the huge number of sites and attractions, but in the real life there’s just a couple of attractions, which are really worth the visit. The main thing, that attract tourists to Palm Jumeirah - long and calm beaches.

If you decide to reach the Palm with your own car or a taxi, you may be even disappointed. From the window of the car the Palm looks pretty similar to any other parts of Dubai with green lawns, skyscrapers and the sea on the horizon. The majority of beaches is hidden behind the hotel buildings, so guests who come to participate in excursions don’t really have a lot of interesting things to do here. Nevertheless, one can still find some interesting places to visit and attractions here. Continue reading...

What to do in Palm Jumeirah in Atlantis Hotel?

Atlantis is the main point of attraction for all the visitors of Palm Jumeirah. It’s connected with the mainland with the monorail link, and guests are able to enjoy amazing views of the both sides of the “half-moon”. In fact this place is the only one where people can entertain themselves and spend some great time without any limits. While in Atlantis, guests are able to visit the following venues:

  • Aquaventure Waterpark for entertainment
  • Lost Chamber Aquarium and Museum
  • Sea lion center
  • Dolphin Bay dolphinarium

Aquaventure waterpark is the one of the biggest aquaparks in whole world.

The hotel offers various programs for its guests, which include as individual, as well as group programs. Hotel guests are also able to spend some time and relax on Nasimi Beach.

Monorail Link

The monorail link is not only the best way to reach Atlantis, but also an amazing opportunity to look over Palm Jumeirah from the different point. When using the highway one is not able to see the end of the Palm “trunk”. Furthermore, right before Atlantis the road is going down to the tunnel. The monorail is located on the height and offers astonishing views over the Palm. It also uses a bridge to reach Atlantis hotel. One shall consider the monorail link as an attraction, and it’s highly recommended to use it at least once. View on Palm Jumeirah from the window of monorail cabin.

Al Ittihad Park or so-called Palm Jumeirah Park

The park is located right in the center of the Palm “trunk”. It has length of more than a kilometer. The park is separated from the highway with a “wall” of hotels, and offers a huge number of cafes, restaurants and shops. Palm Jumeirah Promenade is located in the center of the park. Here you can spend some time after a tour or an excursion, walking around and having a dinner in one of the restaurants. What to do in Palm Jumeirah? Just have a good time in Al Ittihad Park and visit one of the restaurant close to it.

In general, one can visit all the interesting and public places of Palm Jumeirah in less than a day. All other attractions are available only for hotel guests or accommodation owners. And, of course, do not puzzle, what to do in Palm Jumeirah after day tour: visit one of the restaurant or cafe and enjoy the dishes here. And what is better – rent apartment in Palm Jumeirah and take pleasure from its hospitality and miraculous beaches.

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