Welcome to Kite Beach in Dubai

Kite Beach in Dubai offers full range of beach attractions: sunbathing, active sports, kite surfing, kayaking, a skate park and even a garden of flags!

Kite Beach in Dubai is one of the most popular places for relaxation in the fresh air. This is a well-groomed and nicely equipped sandy beach, where you can walk along the coastal line, enjoying astonishing views, bag some rays, practice sports and enjoy some delicious food. Such water sports as kite surfing, kayaking and wave runners are more than usual here. Here’s the list of attractions of this amazing place…

 1. Enjoy dazzling views and think Sometimes all that a person needs in order to improve his or her mood and forget about daily routine is achieving the union with nature. Kite Beach in Dubai is a perfect place for such activity. Here one can spend a lot of time on sand, looking right into the sky, watching funny seagulls doing their business, listening to the sound of the sea and thinking about something really important. It’s worth noting that the beach is pretty empty during the working week.

Have you been to Kite Beach in Dubai? You definitely have to check it. This well-groomed beach has a lot of attractions to offer. Find out more in the article…

2. Enjoy action-oriented games Kite Beach is an ideal place to play football, volleyball, beach badminton or just for jogging in order to flex your tired muscles and push your lungs to the limit. One can find a trampoline, a race track, a football field and even volleyball net here. Fans of rowing can rent a kayak. 3 Watch kite surfers and join them The name of this beach obviously tells us that kite surfing is the most popular attraction there. Fans of kite surfing are coming here every day. Kite surfing brings a lot of positive emotions, and one can rent all the required equipment right here. If you never tried this kind of sport, local trainers will be happy to teach you the basics of it.

Kite Beach in Dubai — one of the best beaches in the emirate

4. Walk in the garden of… flags There’s a unique and astonishing place on the beach. We are talking about the garden of flags where hundreds of national flags are dancing in flows of the wind. It looks really hypnotically and has therapeutic effect. What a glorious experience!

5. Become a skateboard star There is X-Dubai Skate Park right next to the beach. Real fans of “fast board”, bicycles and rollers are coming here on a daily basis. Why not to try your luck on the race track with obstacles? Be careful and observe all safety rules in order to avoid traumas.

6. Have you enjoyed your time? Let’s eat something…

Active sports require a lot of energy, that’s why Kite Beach in Dubai offers a bunch of freight outlets where one can buy juice, cocktails, fast-food and tasty desserts. We are more than sure that you will find exactly what you want in order to make yourself happy!

By the way, various celebrations are constantly carried out on the beach. If you are lucky enough to catch one of them you will witness exuberant high spirits and have a chance to enjoy Oriental dances.

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