Special Jabbrrbox booths for working and phone calls installed at the airport of New York

Jabbrrbox booths for private phone calls and internet surfing are installed at LaGuardia airport in New York. They have already generated income for the founder of the project.

LaGuardia airport in New York was chosen as the first place to install special working booths from Jabbrrbox startup. These are special locations with a table and a chair, as well as charging devices and free Wi-Fi. One can check the timetable using special display, and use the microphone for online-conversations.


One can rent the booth for $10 for 15 minutes, $15 for 30 minutes, and $20 for an hour. 

The founder of Jabbrrbox created the perfect solution for private phone calls. One can visit special booths with high-speed internet access in order to hold conversations in total silence even in case when the booth is located in a crowded place.

The startup was founded by Brian Hackathorn. He created the idea of the project when he wanted to work in the center of Manhattan, and needed to hold a private conversation by phone. Starbucks was too noisy, while he wasn’t ready to discuss confidential things on the street. He realized that people would be happy to use special booths, where one can enjoy the silence and privacy, using high-speed internet access.


Experiment confirmed that these booths are really demanded. The average user of Jabbrrbox spends 25 minutes inside. That means people rent them to make a call or to hold a videoconference. The most demanded are booths located next to the business lounge.

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