Choosing hotel chains high level of comfort and huge savings

There are several real reasons to choose a hotel belonging to one of the biggest hotel chains instead of a small hotel. Big hotels tend to solve all the issues, complying with the quality standards, allowing saving some money, and being sure that your plans won’t change at the last moment.

One of the rules of an experienced traveler is the following: in case if you want to live with comfort while saving a lot of money, you need to choose hotels belonging to the biggest hotel chains. 

Why is it like that?

1. Hotel chains have general standards for all the hotels in the chain.

Such standards govern the quality of services, the prices, the safety, and the set of available service. In other words, Hilton Hotel in Baku will offer you the same level of quality as the Hilton Hotel in New York or Helsinki. At the very same time, big hotel chains are able to invest a lot of money to comply with the created standards all around the chain. That’s why the quality of a hotel that belongs to a chain offers higher quality than a small local hotel.

Hotel chains

2. Hotel chains really care about the loyalty of the guests

This approach is clear and understandable. In case if a traveler is happy with the quality of one of the hotels, they will definitely choose the hotel from the same chain in different places. Hotel chains tend to spend more money to please their customers instead of getting the highest profits.

Hotel chains

3. Hotel chains offer affordable prices.

If we compare the prices for the hotels of the same level, the price of a hotel belonging to a chain will be lower than a price for a local guesthouse or a hotel. Furthermore, tourists prefer to enroll in loyalty programs, getting discounts and additional benefits from the hotel chains.

Any traveler is aware of the fact that if you want to have the maximum level of comfort in a new city having the minimum number of problem, you need to book a hotel belonging to one of the most famous chains.

4. It’s much easier to solve all the problems in big hotels.

First of all, the employees of a big hotel (even managers) are controlled by the management of the chain, and you can always address all your issues to them. On one hand it makes all the employees more attentive to the guests, while the guests are able to solve all their issues with a competent worker. In the local hotels, administration is free to make all required decisions, which can be harmful and bad for guests.


5. Tourists know what to expect from the hotels of one chain.

While choosing a hotel from the chain that you already know, you can be sure of the level of quality and the services there. The majority of travelers wants to be sure of what they get. However, you can’t be sure what to wait in one of the local hotels.


Many travelers are sure that the predictability of the hotels belonging to one chain makes the trip boring, without allowing understanding of the culture of a new country, and immersing into the unusual atmosphere. However, many people want to know what to expect, and they prefer to discover local attractions and people, but not the unpredictable hotels. One can easily open something new and unusual while staying in a comfortable and well-known hotel.

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