Choosing the location of an apartment for short-term rental

01 January 1970
There are several criteria, which are used to book an apartment for a holiday, and such criteria are not really obvious.

The location of the apartment for short-term rental is the key factor that can be even more important than the interior and the amenities available in the apartment itself. In the majority of cases, such apartment is required to spend a great time with a family, being able to cook food and relax. That’s why the size of the apartment, the color of the furniture and views from the windows are not really important. However, one needs to reach the most important places of the city, and the number of efforts depends on the exact location of the apartment in the city.


That’s why you need to keep the following criteria in mind while choosing an apartment for the holiday:

1. Where you plan to spend the majority of time during the trip, and which places you plan to visit.

In case if you plan to make a trip to a new city for 3 days and two nights, and you want to see the most important places located in a single area (e.g. in the center), you need to book an apartment somewhere near. Even if it’s a bit expensive than the apartment in the suburbs, you will save a lot of money on taxis and transportation, as well as lose a lot of time to reach the city center. 


Please note that the time is the most valuable resource. It’s recommended to pay a bit more for the apartment, but save a lot of time in order to see 1 or 2 additional places instead of wasting your time in taxis and metro.

In another hand, if you want to spend 5 days on the beach, and visit the city 1 or 2 times, obviously, you need to book something on the shoreline.

The closer is the location of a short-term rental apartment to the most popular touristic areas of the city, the brighter and the funnier is your holiday.

2. If you have a chance to book a serviced apartment, you definitely need to make that. 

The administration of the apartment hotel will help in to solve all the issues, while the hotel will offer you a wide choice of additional services. Furthermore, such hotels offer a clear and understandable booking calendar.


3. Try to find apartments far from crowded touristic areas. 

Firstly, they are cheaper. Secondly, ‘local’ districts offer cheaper and more authentic food. Local people live here, and you will be able to discover local traditions while spending less money. Furthermore, these areas are not spoiled by the tourists, and prices won’t be as high as in ‘natural reserves’ for the tourists.

Short-term apartment rental

4. If you plan to spend a lot of time on the beach, you need to search for the residential complexes on the first line.

The thing is not to avoid walking too much. Such complexes offer private and empty beaches, which can be used only by the residents.


5. If you prefer other types of holidays, try to stay near the airport

By doing so you will avoid traffic jam while going back home. Furthermore, apartments near the airport are usually cheaper.


Nevertheless, all these criteria are pretty general. Each tourist has their own plans, thus the criteria can be totally different. You need to keep them in mind instead of following the most common rules. 

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