Lake with miraculous blue clay found near Kyiv

In order to make a mask or an application from blue clay, the citizens and the guests of Kyiv don’t need to go to the pharmacy. The source of clay has been found in a lake located just 60 km from the center.

A source of medical blue clay was found in Stayki village located in just 60 km from Kyiv. As a result, the unknown village became incredibly popular among the locals.


Blue clay covers the bottom of a small lake located on the outskirts of the village. There’s a big quarry near the lake, and the sand was totally removed from it. As a result, rains wash clay down to the lake, and it goes right to the bottom of it. 

In case if you decide to visit a small village called Stayki, you will find a big lake full of blue clay that comes with the rainwater from the nearest quarry. This clay can be used in order to heal a lot of diseases.

People believe that if one puts a layer of clay to the skin for 30-40 minutes, one can avoid irritation, pimples, and inflammation. Furthermore, masks and applications from clay are used to cure acne, psoriasis and various forms of dermatitis. That’s why Stayki village is frequently visited by citizens and guests of Kyiv, who want to swim in the lake or collect some clay from the quarry or the lake to take it home (it’s allowed to collect it).

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