Virtual reality technologies at Cityscape Global

14 December 2016
ARTAR is planning to present its new Mada Residences project at Cityscape Global with help of the virtual reality technologies.

It is a common practice to show fine goods to the purchasers from the best side. Especially when the goods are not just expensive, but very expensive. And just talking about an apartment or a villa that costs several million dirhams won’t be enough to sell it. Imagine what sort of difficulties will developers face presenting their projects to investors at Cityscape Global? Can’t do a tour of the building, or show a construction site with hundreds of vigorous workers.... All those projects only exist on paper so far, and if developers really want to take them to the construction phase, massive investments will be needed.

Cityscape Global

That’s where the Arab trade genius comes in handy and delivers an elegant and smart solution. They solved a problem in a way that will make the investors grateful for not taking them to some construction site in the desert. In a way, that is as ingenious as it is simple. The investors will see…

Virtual reality at Cityscape Global

The first to realize this idea are to be ARTAR Real Estate Development, who are going to use this technology to present their Mada Residences project, a 36-storey skyscraper in Downtown Dubai. For this purpose the company already developed a so-called “immersion cube”, that will enable a person to see hyper realistic 3D images around him(her), contemplate realistic glow from natural and artificial light sources, touch the walls and even smell the brand new apartments.

This entire system of virtual reality took more than six months to develop. The most interesting feature of is a set of motion sensors that react to every move of a visitor. This allows visitors to “stroll freely” in a 5 square meters cube, and the images on the walls will be changing as if the visitors were wandering around the apartments themselves.
Virtual reality will help developers present their projects to investors at Cityscape Global.

In addition to the astonishing immersion cube, the company developed a smartphone app that will allow users to have the 3D tour of the building at any time, viewing their future apartments from all possible angles.

Cityscape Global “We dared to invest our own money into this technology, - says the executive director of ARTAR, Sulaiman Abdulrahman Al Rashid. - Whatever this presentation would cost, it will help our purchasers at Cityscape Global clearly and fully understand how quality is the product that we offer. But most importantly, we are the first to employ this technology for commercial use in this field. Make no doubt about it, in several years all construction projects in Dubai will be presented with help of devices like this. No one has ever invented anything more descriptive and graphical than that, and no one has ever done with it what we are going to do”.

Why use virtual reality at Cityscape Global?

Once again, Mada Residences will be situated in a several minutes’ drive from Dubai Mall, and it will consist of 193 one, two, three and four bedroom apartments. And as the developer stated, all the apartments will have larger square footage than most other apartments of this class on the market. The completion and release of the project is scheduled on Q2 2018.

The stand with the virtual reality cube will be deployed at Cityscape Global in the second hall of the Dubai World Trade Center.

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