Versailles photos – majestic palace in the middle of the blossoming garden

Versailles Palace in France: a history of creation, useful information for tourists, great Versailles photos.

Many years ago Versailles was the main city in France. It was the place where the highest officials were taking key decisions for France. The incredible palace was a sample not only for other European countries but even for Russian and American architects. Versailles photos allow understanding the reason for such admires from people all over the world. The residence of French kings is a luxurious ensemble with palaces and gardens with a lot of small and really important elements.

Versailles Palace in France
Versailles Palace in France


These days Versailles is a suburb of Paris, and one of the most demanded touristic places in the world. While the word Versailles itself is a synonym to “luxury” and “chic”.


History of Versailles Palace

Louis XVI had an annoying idea to build an incredible palace when he saw the palace in Vaux-le-Vicomte owned by the Minister of Finances. He decided to create even more luxurious and impressive residence for himself and his servants. He hired Louis Le Vau and the best constructors from all over the world.


Versailles Palace in FranceThey had to work day and night using the most expensive and sophisticated materials. In 21 years (it was a really unreal term for such a palace!) everything was ready, gardens started blossoming, and fountains started to shine under the sun.

They had to hire thousands of servants in order to keep 3.500 rooms and 6 hectares of the garden in order.


Maintenance of this residence was really expensive for the budget. France was getting poor, why Versailles was blossoming. The economy was almost dead, and the monarchy collapsed.


Room Palace of Versailles
Room Palace of Versailles

These days Versailles Palace brings a lot of money to the budget. Every year hundred thousands of tourists come here to walk around the majestic gardens, take some Versailles photos and feel the spirit of the French aristocracy.


1,000 rooms of the palace are open for visitors, and fountains are turned on for a couple of hours per day. But be ready that you will see the crowd even early in the morning.

When if France you need to go to the countryside in order to appreciate local architecture, gardens, and fountains of the royal residence, and take astonishing Versailles photos.
Versailles photos



Useful information for the tourists

Fountains are usually turned on at 11:00, so if you want to take some Versailles photos with fountains, you have to come early. The easiest way to get here is to use RER train or touristic buses from the Eifel Tower.

Hercules Room Palace of Versailles
Hercules Room Palace of Versailles


The palace is open from April till October, and the ticket price is 20 Euros. More detailed information can be found on the official website of the palace.

Today the Palace is open from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm

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