Verona – one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in Italy

The homeland of Romeo and Juliette: Verona photos, main areas description, attractions, and the best areas for touristic accommodation.

Verona is a mighty competitor to Paris in the fight for the name of the most romantic city in the world. Verona is the adorable and majestic city where all the events of the sad story about Romeo and Juliette took place. Each of Verona photos is a masterpiece because it has an incredible number of attractions and beautiful places.

Verona photos

Verona is one of UNESCO world heritage objects and the most beautiful city on Italy. You need to visit Verona in order to discover the exact heart of this sunny country.

Areas and attractions in Verona

This city is a home for more than 260 thousand people. Verona consists of eight districts in total. Only four areas are really interesting for tourists: Ancient City, Citadel, Veronetta and San Zeno.

Verona photos

You can take the most beautiful Verona photos in the Ancient City because each and every building is a masterpiece here. Antique buildings, luxurious palaces, and mansions are all around. Here’s the list of key attractions: the majestic cathedral, Castelvecchio tower, which looks like Moscow Kremlin and an amphitheater. 

Verona photos

On the opposite side of the river, one can find Citadel district, which is located all around the old base of Roman legionnaires. Legendary New Gates are also located in this part of the city. 

Veronetta is the area of the students because it hosts a lot of universities, ancient churches, and castles: Castel San Pietro, and Basilica of Saint Nazarius and Celsius.

Is it possible not to love Verona? It’s possible only in case if you’ve never been there. Even Verona photos are enough to feel the special atmosphere of the city…

If you decide to go to San Zeno, you can enjoy amazing views of the Basilica of Zenone da Verona, walking around quiet streets and enjoying the local atmosphere.

Verona photos

Where should tourist book accommodation?

There’s a lot of shops and hotels in the heart of the Ancient City next to Piazza Bra; however, all of them are incredibly expensive. If you want to stay near the main attractions, take amazing Verona photos and save some money, it’s recommended to choose Citadel. It’s located not far from the center, but prices are significantly lower.

Verona photos

Hotels and guesthouses in San Zeno will surround you with a great home atmosphere. The city offers a lot of hostels, inns, and apartments with the average price of 25-50 Euro per night, this each and every traveler will find an object, which will fit their needs.

Verona photos

While in the city, don’t forget to visit the house and the tomb of Julliete, take a couple of Verona photos from Lamberti tower, overlooking the Alps, and throw a coin to the fountain of Madonna from Verona located on Erbe Square.

Finding a home

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