Saint Petersburg received a new monument of wooden architecture

10 April 2018
A wooden country house made from logs and located in the outskirts of Saint Petersburg in Shuvalovo Village was included into the list of the monuments of the wooden architecture. As a result, this important village received one new attraction.

The working group of the cultural committee on protection of the cultural heritage has added the wooden country house located in the Village of Shuvalovo not far from Saint Petersburg into the list of the monuments of the regional importance.

Shuvalovo Village is one of the most favorite places for relaxation among the citizens of Saint Petersburg. These days it received a new attraction because a country house on Sofiyskaya Street was considered a monument of the wooden architecture.

The house is made from logs and located on Sofiyskaya Street 5 in the village of Shuvalovo. It was made by using a unique historical building method called “over the barrel”. Furthermore, the building is decorated with traditional ornaments and motives of the national architecture. The majority of constructive and decorative elements are original.


As a result, the house became another attraction of Shuvalovo Village. One definitely needs to visit Suzdalskoye Lake and historical village of Shuvalovo-Ozerki. 

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