Museums of Paris offer excursions and tours for nudists

The number of nudists in France and Paris is growing so fast that they are able not only to visit special zones in the parks but participate in special excursions. One of them is offered in the Palais de Tokyo.

Paris museum Palais de Tokyo decided to make a very unusual experiment, allowing the guests to participate in special tours for nudists. Such tours are carried out according to the schedule in order to avoid conflicts with other visitors. The first excursion was carried out on May 5 before the official opening of the museum.

Palais de Tokyo

Before starting the tour in Palais de Tokyo, guests are able to take their clothes off in a special room, and go through all the halls with a special guide in the uniform, looking at the sculptures and paintings. 

The visitors of Palais de Tokyo museum in Paris are able to participate in the tour created especially for nudists.

The first participants of the tour are more than happy with the results. 

             Palais de Tokyo

According to the statistic, the association of nudists in France and Paris counts 2.6 million people, and such tours and special programs can be really demanded. In particular, a special zone in Bois de Vincennes Park turned out to be very popular. A huge number of nudists come here, while local cafes managed to increase their income. 

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