Which area of Dubai is the best for your trip or holiday?

23 November 2019
Palm Jumeirah is the best choice for a beach holiday, while Dubai Marina offers the best shopping and entertainment opportunities, and the city is the optimal choice for the discovery of the local culture.

By using the modern websites one can easily rent an apartment in virtually any area of Dubai, from the most luxurious and fashionable to the most budget and usual. So what it the best area in the city to have a memorable and interesting holiday?

Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina are the most popular areas among the tourists. Despite the high prices for accommodation, these areas are the most convenient for the beach holidays, offering convenient transportation options to get to the city center in order to find the most interesting attractions and entertainment centers.

Nevertheless, there are many other interesting areas in the city, and the tourist is able to choose a lot of different locations.

I want to stay on the beach, and nothing else matters!

In order to have a beach holiday one needs to book an apartment in one of the complexes located on Palm Jumeirah, which offer their own private beaches. The key advantage of such complexes is the fact that guests are able to spend a great time on private beaches without being worried about the crowds of the tourists. Only residents of such complexes are able to spend time on such beaches.

In fact, you won’t be able to swim on the beaches of the Palm if you don’t have any accommodation here. However, one can still find some free space in the construction areas of the future hotels.

Apartments in Dubai Marina, JLT and the center of Dubai are not really the best choice for the beach holiday. One can find a beach near such complexes, but all of them are public, crowded and not really comfortable, so it’s not the best choice for every traveler. In the case of JLT, Downtown, and Umm Suqeim, one has to cross a busy highway in order to reach the local beach.

What is the best place for shopping?

In fact, the location doesn’t really matter. The biggest shopping malls are located in the center of the city, and one can reach them from Downtown, Deira and Bur Dubai incredibly fast. All the luxurious shops and clubs are also located in this part of the city. However, it’s not really smart to rent an apartment here just to stay near the shopping malls. These areas are pretty busy at night, and you have to take a taxi to go to the beach. At the very same time, one needs 20-25 minutes to get from JBR and Palm Jumeirah to Downtown. It’s much better to spend a relaxing day on the beach and visit the city center at the night time enjoying incredible colors and lights of Dubai...

Where to rent an apartment in Dubai
Dubai Skyline canal

What is the area with the highest number of attractions?

In order to enjoy the vibrant nightlife of Dubai, one shall rent an apartment in Dubai Marina, JLT, and Sheikh Zayed Road. It offers the highest number of nightclubs and restaurants while being located not far from the beaches.

Which areas in Dubai are better for a specific holiday type, and how to find the best choice?

I want to discover local culture

In this case, you need to rent an apartment in the city center. It includes such areas as Downtown, Bur Dubai, and Business Bay. One can enjoy slow walks around the numerous public places with numerous events, from the public poetry, reading to the performances of local circuses. In fact, the majority of the events are not announced at all, and one can participate in them only occasionally. One can find Dubai Opera, art galleries and museums in this part of the city.

Where can one see real Dubai and not the ‘fake’ one for the tourists?

In order to see ‘different’ Dubai, you need to search accommodation in Deira, International City, Al Barsha. The fans of the extreme conditions can book something in Al Furjan and Dubai Silicon Oasis. These areas were created for workers, builders, cleaners, washers, sellers, and drivers, who are usually hidden from the eyes of the tourists. The most authentic is Deira, which is the oldest area in Dubai with the highest number of local citizens. The most uncomfortable areas are Al Furjan and Dubai Silicon Oasis located almost in the desert. Those interested in the old part of Dubai shall stay in Al Barsha and Deira.

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