Russian Honey Cake is on demand in Dubai

Starting from the beginning of the Ramadan several thousands of Russian Honey Cakes are sold in Dubai. The growing demand is explained due to the tradition of eating sweets during the iftar.

Representatives of Spinneys Dubai Company, which creates various sweets, informed us that starting from the beginning of the Ramadan traditional Russian Honey Cakes are on demand all over Dubai. The shop sells around 3,000 Russian Honey Cakes per day, and the demand is only growing. 


Al Maya Group CEO, Kamal Vachani told us that the demand on Russian Honey Cakes increased by 30% only in the chain of the supermarkets. It’s significantly higher than demand on any other products. The reason is simple – according to the tradition one has to eat sweets during Iftar.

Russian Honey Cake became one of the most popular sweet during the Ramadan in Dubai

At the same time, the representatives of Spinneys Dubai underline that they use only natural components to cook Russian Honey Cakes: natural honey, butter, first-class flour and sour cream. Such natural composition increases the price of Russian Honey Cakes, but they are selling faster than any other dishes and products available in the market.


As a result, only Spinneys Dubai sells at least 3,000 cakes per day, while other companies can show the similar results. Interestingly, in order to prepare one cake, the machine needs 3 minutes because almost all the operations are automated. If you plan to spend a holiday in Dubai during the Ramadan, don’t forget to try Russian Honey Cake. Who knows, maybe it will be something really different than your local honey cake.

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