Turkey plans to develop the field of medical tourism

24 December 2018
Medical tourism is blossoming in Turkey. By the end of 2018, the country will receive not less than $1.5 billion of income, while the number of medical tourists will reach a half of the million.

The head of TÜRSAB, Firuz Bağlıkaya, announced that Turkey is slowly transforming into one of the most popular destinations among the medical tourists, and confirmed that Turkey has a vast infrastructure and a lot of opportunities. According to the forecasts, medical tourism will bring at least $1.5 billion, while the overall income during the first half of this year has already increased by 17% in comparison with the previous year.

Medical tourism

In 2017 Turkey received $1 billion from the medical tourists, while the overall income for the period from 2013 until 2017 reached $4.4 billion. Obviously, the field of medical tourism is growing and expanding. The government is ready to support the sector because they consider it incredibly prospective for the country.

Medical tourism in Turkey becomes one of the key elements of the touristic sector development. According to the forecasts, the number of medical tourists will reach 500 thousand by the end of 2018.

During the previous year the number of people, who came to Turkey to improve their health, reached 430 thousand, which is higher than the results of 2013 by 62%. In 2013 only 265 thousand tourists decided to use medical services in Turkey.

By the end of the first half of 2018 more than 274 thousand medical tourists have already visited the local resorts in Turkey. According to the analysis, this number will increase at least two-fold by the end of the year.

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