Tourism in Russia showed the record growth in 2018

16 January 2019
Tourism in Russia showed a significant increase as a result of the World Cup 2018 and the interest in Crimea. The most popular destinations are Moscow, Krasnodar Region, Crimea, Saint Petersburg, and Vladimir Region.

The Russian Touristic agency has announced the preliminary results of the touristic flow in 2018. According to the official agency, 90 million tourists visited Russian in 2018. This number is a real record for Russia. It’s worth noting that the majority of the tourists were Russian people themselves because domestic tourism took around 60 million people. There are two key reasons for such growth: the World Cup 2018, and the real interest to visit Crimea.

In 2018 the following cities were the most demanded ones: Moscow, Krasnodar Region, Crimean Republic, Saint Petersburg, and Vladimir Region.

In 2018 tourism in Russia reached an unbelievable number of 90 million tourists. According to the experts, the main reasons for such growth are the World Cup and the interest to visit Crimea.

It’s worth noting that the World Cup 2018 that lasted from June 14 until July 15, attracted more than 7 million people, while almost 3.5 million them were foreign football fans. The number of people visiting Crimea has grown significantly after the opening of the bridge that connects the peninsula with the mainland. In the period from January until September 2018 more than 6 million Russians from different regions visited Crimea, which is by 30% higher than the previous year.

Tourism in Russia

Furthermore, the indicators of the tourism in Russia were affected by the visa-free regime for the holders of FAN ID that is applied until the end of the year. Many of them have already used this unique opportunity in order to visit different attractions and points of interests in Russia. The majority of the foreign touristic flow is created by the citizens of the USA, China, and Germany.

Despite the record results of the touristic sector, according to The All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center, only 25% of Russian citizens had a summer holiday in Russia or abroad. 

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