TOP-5 of the most interesting and unusual places in Kyiv

The city of Kyiv is not just temples, the Kiev Lavolta of the Caves and Trukhaniv Island. There are many places, which can’t be found in the official guides, but they are really interesting for the tourists.

One can open any official guide to Kyiv in order to find the list of the most popular and well-known places in the city. Such places are usually crowded with dozens and hundreds of tourists, who have the very same guidebook as you do. But where can you go, if you want to see something really unusual?


There’s a lot of places. Here’s the list of 5 most unusual attractions and sights in the city of Kyiv...


1. Cemetery for tanks

The maintenance base located in Darnitsky District is used to keep old tanks, which have to be disposed and recycled. We have no idea why they are still here, but it looks really impressive. Tanks are just thrown in piles here, and one can easily enter some of them. Furthermore, there are many infantry fighting vehicles and anti-aircraft mountings. The real fans of equipment and machines can spend a lot of memorable time here.

Address: Borispilskaya Street, 34A


2. Kievan Desert

This place is for those thinking that a real desert can be found only in Africa. This is absolutely wrong! Right next to the modern districts of the city and Poznyaki metro station, one can find a sandy land, which reminds a real desert. Here you will see real dunes, cliffs, oases, even numerous paths for bikes. This is an amazing place for patient walking.

Address: Poznyaki metro station

In case if you have already seen the most common and well-known attractions of Kyiv, and you want to discover something unusual, you are able to visit the most interesting yet hidden places.

3. Trolleybus ticket museum

This the unique museum in the world that has a collection of trolleybus tickets from all over the world, including Europe and South America. The administration of the museum gives a bottle of beer to a visitor, who brings a new ticket, which is not available in the vast collection.

Address: Proreznaya Street, 21


4. House with Chimeras 

This is one of the evilest looking buildings in Kyiv. The house with chimeras is included in the list of the national heritage, and it’s used for several offices of the administration of the president. One can also find the Ukrainian Art museum here. Nevertheless, you don’t have to enter the building. The façade of the building is the most interesting part of it, and it can be seen from the outside. The entire roof of the building is full of sculptures and mystical creatures. There’s a myth saying that the architect of this building cursed this place, which resulted in the bankruptcy of all the companies, which tried to work here.

Address: Bankovaya Street, 10


5. Construction equipment cemetery

A huge number of building cranes can be found right next to Vydubichi metro station. This is the favorite place of parkour lovers, and people, who want to collect some metal. However, the number of cranes is constantly decreasing because people are coming here to get metal and sell it late.

Address: Vydubichi metro station

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