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20 February 2019
Plan your eating out sessions in advance. As a result, you won’t fall back on the first eatery you see on your way.

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced traveler or a newcomer, being prepared is always a good idea. Below you will find ten easy tips that will make your transit easier and upgrade your destination.

To start with

#1 Trustworthy advice

Ask your friends, relatives and coworkers for a piece of advice. Remember to look through your social media networks for someone who can also help here. Another reliable source of information are professional blogs and guidebooks.

#2 How to book it

Knowledgeable tour operators and travel agencies are worth the money they charge. However, if you do it yourself, pay double attention to dates and time, your documents and visas, airports and transfers. It is highly important for you to know the terms and requirements of your trip.

#3 Packing your things

Finding out your luggage limits and ways of protecting your bags while travelling is better be done in advance, as well as what rights you have in case your carrier loses them. If you’re prepared you won’t waste much time worrying.

Packing your things

Venturing the journey

#4 Closer to the ground

The best way to explore is by car, especially if you have enough time. Taking a map is crucial for areas where GPS is unavailable. However, if you prefer traveling by train or bus, check these means of transport special aspects prior to booking.

#5 Dealing with security procedures

You can get informed about your air trips security procedures with information provided by transportation related authorities of the countries you take off and land in. Knowing what to expect will take you through screening with no additional stress involved.

#6 Using layover time wisely

If you can’t stand looking for a place where you can charge your cellphone, pack a space-saving power strip. It serves as an extension flex allowing others to use it too.

The best way to explore is by car
The best way to explore is by car


Once you are there

#7 Connection issues

Sometimes the easier and less costly way to stay connected using your cellphone is buying a SIM card at a local provider. However, before doing this, make sure your mobile phone isn’t locked and is compatible with any local network.

#8 Perfect accommodation

If you aren’t too enthusiastic about staying at a simple hotel, look for an alternative option with TripAways! Other ideas include exchanging homes, comfortable camping, and hostels. Recognize the things you can go without and choose what suits you best.

#9 Dealing with money

It’s a good idea to have two bank cards when traveling abroad, and some cash (local currency) as well. Although both of these payment formats have their risks and benefits, both of them will do well. Pay extra attention to important details – typed in small print – and possible fees. Before your trip, check out that using your credit card isn’t identified as an alert case by the foreign fraud monitoring department.

#10 Searching eating options

Unfortunately, food often becomes one of the most unlucky travel experiences. To not let this happen, plan your eating out sessions in advance. As a result, you won’t fall back on the first eatery you see on your way. Preparing your own meals is always a good idea too as well as taking food with you for the road.

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