Three overrated sights of New York you would hardly guess

08 May 2019
Times Square is very, very popular with tourists – and especially newcomers – but may better be admired for a couple of minutes and then left…

With time travelers start noticing certain landmarks receive way too much attention becoming overcrowded, unreasonably expensive and giving a strange feeling of wasted time and energy, instead of those empowering emotions many look for in new places.

Architecture in NYS

Up until now we have been talking about the worthiest places to visit all over the world – best sights and most powerful attractions. Let’s start discussing popular sights we can actually skip in favor of new alternatives, to save some time and budget.

The city that never sleeps is full of things to see, shoot, taste, etc. Nevertheless, the three famous attractions below can be easily replaced with less known yet more delightful landmarks, for an alternate view of New York.


1. Times Square

Times Square, NYS

Yes, as weird as it may seem, this place is on the list. Some people go to the theatre. Some visit the Central Branch of the local Public Library. Or shoot 10+ more photos to share in social networks. Times Square is very, very popular with tourists – and especially newcomers – but may better be admired for a couple of minutes and then left for something that gives you a better understanding of NYC public places. To assimilate and become more of a true Yorker, go to Union Square that offers a great greenmarket (especially but Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday), delicious ostrich treats at Roaming Acres Ostrich and sweet jams at Berkshire Berries.


2. The Empire State Building

The Empire State Building, NYS

We see you’ve always wanted to climb this Manhattan skyscraper that was once the world’s highest building. How can you skip this local icon featuring in so many films and books? What is New York without its symbol? Ok, Ok, you don’t have to cross it out, but you don’t have to climb it either. Take a look at it from a different building instead. The Top of the Rock shares equally admirable views of New York, has fewer crowds, and of course shows you the Empire State Building.


3. The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty, NYS

Seriously? Sounds like nothing’s left of the Big Apple… But do you know the story behind this highly popular tourist destination, and the reason it appeared in New York? While looking down from one of the observation points of this colossal sculpture may seem fun, neither the look in her eyes nor the long line to get up is. So if you pass this stop and let the cruise ferry take you to Ellis Island instead, you can get an even better view of the Liberty from the water, plus visit the former busiest immigrant inspection station in the U.S.

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