The airport in Abu Dhabi offers visa-on-arrival for the tourists

The airport in Abu Dhabi offers a special Visa Counter, where you can spend less than 30 minutes in order to get a 4—day visa for just 300 AED.

The administration of Abu Dhabi has officially announced the launch of the visa-on-arrival service for the tourists arriving in Abu Dhabi international airport. The entire service takes just 15-30 minutes. There’s a special Visa Counter where one can apply for the visa, and get approval in less than a half of an hour.


Tourists will be able to get a 4-day tourist visa or a 96-hour transit visa that allows entering the city. The service is offered for citizens of all countries.

In order to make a short trip to Abu Dhabi people don’t need to make a visa in advance. One can make a visa in less than 30 minutes right at the airport of the city.

The price of the visa is 300 AED ($81,7). The counter can also be used to change the transit visa to the tourist one.


Such changes of the immigration regime were made in order to increase the number of tourists in the region. According to the statistics, other measures allowed attracting 18% more tourists in the first half of 2018 in comparison with the first half of 2017.

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