Tenant’s rights in Dubai: each and every tenant has to be aware of these moments

06 June 2017
Tenant’s rights in Dubai: governing laws and reasons, which can lead to dispossession of the tenant before and after the termination of the agreement.

Tenant’s rights in Dubai

The real estate market of Dubai if very “multinutrient”, thus searching of the best object can take significant time. And when people find “a real gem”, they are usually so excited that they don’t pay required attention to the provisions of the rental agreement. Such negligence may lead to disputes with the owner of accommodation. Let’s find out what are the tenant’s rights in Dubai and avoid any needless problems.

tenant’s rights in Dubai

Rental laws in Dubai

Here are the list of the main documents, which regulate relations between the tenant and the owner:

  1. Law No. 26 of 2007 and law N. 28 of 2008. These regulatory acts describe the main steps of the rental process, as well as rights and obligations of the parties.
  1. Decree No. 26 of 2013 concerning rent disputes settlement center in the Emirate of Dubai.
  1. Decree No. 43 of 2013 on determining the increase in the real-estate rentals in the Emirate of Dubai.

The rental agreement may contain an appendix with additional provisions regulating such things as payment for communal servicers, renovation and so on. Each and every rental agreement has to be registered in RERA. Such registration guarantees that the tenant won’t face a situation when accommodation is rented twice to different people.

What are the tenant’s rights in Dubai? What do you need to know in order to live in comfort and avoid disputes with the owner? Let’s find out...

The rental agreement shall not be terminated on a unilateral basis. Both parties have to express their will to terminate it. If the rental agreement term is almost over, but none of the parties expressed their will to terminate it, such agreement will be prolonged automatically for the equal period or one year (it depends on which term is shorter) with the same rental conditions.

tenant’s rights in Dubai

The owner is obliged to inform the tenant about any changes not later than in 90 days before the termination of the agreement. Rental payment terms are usually indicated in the agreement. Otherwise, rental payments have to be made once per year or divided into four equal parts. If the owner wants to increase the price, the tenant can check the reasonability of such changes using special RERA calculator on the website of Dubai Land Department.

Tenant’s rights in Dubai allow the tenant to receive accommodation in proper condition. Major capital works shall be made by the owner; furthermore, the owner has no right to perform any works, which may affect the tenant in bad way.

The list of situations when the tenant shall be dispossessed before the termination of the agreement:

  • the tenant delays payment by more than 30 days
  • the tenant subleases accommodation without the consent of the owner
  • the tenant is using accommodation for immoral or illegal activities, or in a way that is not indicated in the agreement
  • the tenant violates provisions of the agreement of local laws
  • the tenant performs actions, which may result in damage of the property
  • the building is considered as dilapidated and can collapse.

The list of situations when the tenant shall be dispossessed after the termination of the agreement:

  • the owner wants to rebuild, repair or renovate accommodation, and such works are not comfortable for the tenant
  • the building requires major capital works or shall be eliminated
  • the owner (or relatives) is planning to live in accommodation or wants to sell it. The tenant has to be informed with a registered mail or by Associated Notary Public 12 months in advance.

So, as we can see the tenant’s rights in Dubai are securely protected. If you follow the rules, you will be totally protected from any disputes and won’t face the situation when you have to live on the street.

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