Ten recommendations for a great vacation

30 November 2018
Behave like a guest, not like a client. Nothing maddens locals more than a tourist who is sure that everyone owes him something

It takes not that much, to make your vacation a memorable one, in a good way. There are some things you should think of in advance. This way, your time off will become of a higher grade at once, and you won’t bother about wasted time and financial resources.


  1. Avoid official holidays that make any trip more costly, stressful and complicated. To take your kid on a vacation, just depart a couple of days later than the others and come back to school a couple of days later. Your flight expenses will decrease significantly – sometimes twice. Also, make your hotel reservation long in advance.


  1. Pack twice less things and prepare twice more cash than you intend to. You will spend it on a pair of new shoes or a T-shirt then and there and safe your luggage room. For example, apparel and footwear is much more affordable in Latin America and South-East Asia, so don’t bother about bringing extra things that demand useful space.


  1. When traveling alone – even for a couple of days – it’s a good idea to write down a route plan. What do you want to see there; what places do you want to visit; how much money do you want to leave there? A schedule will help you have a better sense of time and not forget about the main landmarks.


  1. Learn your route from the airport of destination to the hotel long before landing – this will save you time and eliminate worries. Even in case of a group tour, you can try rejecting the transfer. Yes, it may cost you some extra money, but will save you an hour or two that you will otherwise have to spend waiting for the whole group to gather.


  1. Have some time for yourself, daily. Traveling with family and friends is fun, but it’s best to spend a couple of hours a day all by yourself. Even while traveling with the dearest and most wonderful people on Earth, it is essential to devote several hours just to being with your own self. You ought to try it.


  1. Behave like a guest, not like a client. Nothing maddens locals more than a tourist who is sure that everyone owes him something. There are travelers who feel indignant that not everyone on this planet speaks their mother tongue, serve their traditional food for breakfast, and equip hotel rooms with electric kettles. It looks funny and pathetic. Having respect for local traditions of a foreign country you plan to visit will help you get along with locals and avoid unpleasant episodes.


  1. You will need to know just a couple of phrases in the local language. For example, “Two beers, please”. Usually, after that any conversation becomes more relaxed – in any language.


  1. Make an arrangement with your colleagues so someone could cover for you, to avoid receiving unlikely calls. The best idea is to leave your business phone number at home. It is a vacation after all!


  1. Switch over to local time – the sooner the better – otherwise acclimatization will take longer. Go to bed on the night of arrival according to the local time, even if it is 10 hours different from your home time. This way you make it easier for your body to take on a new rhythm. And cut down on coffee which can prevent you from falling asleep in proper time.


  1. Scan all important personal documents before starting the trip, and attach them in an email to your own email address, so they are at hand, just in case.

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