How to take pictures of the apartment for your future listing

Our professional photographer gives several recommendations about taking pictures of the apartment in order to create the most attractive listing.

When you know how to take pictures of the apartment, you can make them more attractive for potential customers, thus significantly decreasing the amount of time required for the searching process. It’s obvious – when a person is searching something in the web (including listings on DubaiApartment) more that 70% of their attention is paid to photos. Such person will check more details about a listing with attractive photographs and call the owner of such apartment. So, how can one make really clingy photos? Below you will find several useful tips for the professional photographer of DubaiApartment...

1. Remove all unnecessary objects from the rooms

Such objects will destroy the overall image of your apartment. Clothes on the couch, additional chairs, toys, books and even a laptop are making the image too heavy. The more objects are in a room, the smaller and busier it looks. People don’t like small rooms, that’s why you have to remove everything and make them feel the free space of your apartment, even though it’s not so big in reality.

Before starting to think how to take pictures of the apartment, try to make it as clean and spacious as possible. Such action will be enough in order to make almost every customer willing to rent your apartment.

2. Take pictures of empty spaces

This tip is directly connected with the previous one. People love free space, that’s why you have to take pictures of free spaces with furniture on the background, but not only furniture. Let the bed be in the middle of your photo, but show the floor or the way to your balcony too. Thus you can make your apartment more spacious and bright.

3. Use wide angle

By using wide angle you can take more space and more elements. You will create a felling of a very spacious room, making your basic room much bigger.


4. Use decorative elements before taking pictures of the apartment

This is not really difficult. Put a pillow on a carefully dressed blanket. Buy some flowers and put them on the table. Move curtains from one room to another. People are not going to rent your flowers, but those flowers will make an impulse, pushing your potential customers to check your listing and make a call to book it.

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5. Take pictures only during the day

This is a strict rule. Never take pictures at night. Firstly, your apartment will look gloomy if you decide to use artificial light; secondly, dark windows will make everything look smaller. During the day, always include windows, because they will make the final image more spacious.

Don’t forget to clean everything before starting to take pictures of the apartment. Clean windows and bathroom ceramics. Even the smallest spot on bathroom ceramics won’t destroy your photo totally, but it will still look untidy. That’s why you have to work hard in order to make the best listing and outbid all potential competitors by using the photos of the highest quality

Several useful tips about taking pictures of the apartment, which will make the rental process fast and easy

How to take pictures of the apartment

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