Switzerland: How to Repeat the James Bond Leap

After the bravest one finally makes a decision to experience those 7½ seconds of free fall, he takes a step towards an unforgettable adventure with a taste of pure adrenaline

No special training

Have you seen Pierce Brosnan’s leap from the Verzasca dam in the seventeenth film of the James Bond series (GoldenEye, 1995)? There was a time when his leap became history, but today we have a chance to include this adventure into our own story. Extreme activities lovers can try bungee jumping spring to fall in Switzerland:

Location: Verzasca Valley, Canton of Ticino, Switzerland

Season: mid-April – end of October (Saturday – Sunday)

Extra time: mid-July – mid-August (Wednesday – Sunday)

About the event

No training experience is required for the first jump, but there are certain age and health limitations (see the next paragraph). Those suitable for this mind-blowing experience are welcomed with a short drink while they take their time admiring the beautiful neighborhood. The host’s stunt crew then demonstrate their performance of bungee jumping to the guests. After the bravest one finally makes a decision to experience those 7½ seconds of free fall, he takes a step towards an unforgettable adventure with a taste of pure adrenaline…

About the jump

Before considering bungee jumping one should be older than 16 and make sure his health meets the following criteria:

  • Weigh/height ratio within the target rate
  • Absence of the below medical conditions:
    • blood pressure problems
    • heart problems
    • back or limbs problems
    • breathing problems
    • circulatory problems
    • head injuries
    • pregnancy
    • recent surgery

If your health allows jumping, you can try different types of leaps, such as classic leap, “swan dive”, “back dive”. More experienced jumpers may turn to “pile driver” and “ultimo” jump. The instructor gives recommendations whether the guests may perform those sophisticated types of jumps, or not.

Useful tips

Here is some practical advice for the first-time jumpers:

  • Read the list of medical precautions carefully, to make sure you do not put your health at risk
  • To feel comfortable, have a light meal before the jump and avoid overeating
  • Put on comfortable clothes (a T-shirt with shorts or pants) and flat-soled shoes; if you have long hair, tie it up
  • Be among the first to take your leap, since the longer the waiting continues, the more the fear grows • Rely on the instructors, and don’t worry about the equipment quality and your safety
  • Look straight, without paying attention to the view under your feet
  • Ask the instructor to count down from 3 to 1 (or command “ready, set, go!”), and jump before he stops counting (commanding)

About the place

The Verzasca dam, with its length of 380 and height of 220 meters, is the fourth highest dam in Europe. Located by the creek of a cognominal river, 470 meters above the sea level, the dam offers some truly breathtaking views. One can reach the place from the nearby Gordola (2 km). The bungee jumping camp itself is located in the dam’s center.

Additional activities

Those who want to spend some more time among the picturesque surroundings of the Verzasca valley may join an excursion to a time-honored stone village and the Romanesque bridge near Lavertezzo. This pleasant walk can be brightened up with some team games, and the awards ceremony can be arranged at a traditional Swiss-Italian grotto. Delicious local cuisine and authentic atmosphere allows for an enjoyable time.

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