Studio rentals in Dubai: February 2017 review of the most profitable areas

28 June 2017
The most profitable studio rentals in Dubai: seven popular areas of emirate with the highest level of rental income as of February 2017.

Studio rentals in Dubai: 7 of the most profitable areas as of February 2017

Suburban areas of Dubai are not only incredibly affordable, but have a leading number of new high-quality properties. That’s why studio rentals in Dubai suburban areas become more and more popular. If you are an investor and you are looking for the best opportunities, we recommend checking properties in suburbs, which have shown the highest level of rental income in February 2017.

Studio rentals in Duba

Dubai Silicon Oasis — $123350 for a studio and 10% of rental income

This is a very calm area with high level of services and huge variety of pristine green zones. Dubai Silicon Oasis offers not only comfortable accommodation, but office towers, industrial zones and education facilities. This area is the best place for innovative business development.

Dubai Sports City — $136150 for a studio and 9.4% of rental income

This is the best area for active people who love sports. It offers a golf course with a golf club, several gyms, stadiums and outdoor training grounds.

Arjan — $142410 for a studio and 9.2% of rental income

Studio rentals in Dubai in this part of the city are incredibly popular due to wide choice of recreational facilities. Arjan has great prospects for both entertainment and tourism sectors.

Jumeirah Village Circle — $149760 for a studio and 9.1% of rental income

This beautiful community is located along Mohammed Bin Zayed Road in the western part of the emirate. It attracts people with its placative village style that offers all main elements of the modern city life. Mosques, schools, parks, sport grounds and bicycle tracks are all here.

Studio rentals in Dubai

International City — $98020 for a studio and 9% of rental income

Even though International City offers one of the lowest prices for Studio rentals in Dubai, this community is located on the fifth place by the level of rental income. This area is popular because of great infrastructure and proximity to Dragon Mart.

Studio rentals in Dubai become more profitable for the owner when located farther from the city center. Suburbs are showing maximum profits in February 2017.

IMPZ — $127460 for a studio and 8.9% of rental income

Green areas, entertainment centers, artificial lakes and rich infrastructure are main advantages of this area, which make IMPZ incredibly popular among tenants.

Discovery Gardens — $140230 for a studio and 8.9% of rental income

This is a very green and quiet community not far from Sheikh Zayed Road and central areas. It’s very popular because of convenient transport connection and proximity to Ibn Battuta Mall.

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