Is it really necessary to rent a car for a holiday in Cyprus? What are the most important moments?

03 May 2018
Cyprus Car Rental for a holiday: information about the car, various rental options in local and international companies.

There are many reasons that make Cyprus one of the most popular touristic and holiday destinations. The island offers a wide range of beaches, while many of them deserved blue flags. One can enjoy the warm waters of the sea, as well as a wide range of natural and historical attractions. Cyprus Car Rental is not obligatory, because the majority of resorts is not really large, so one can easily reach all the objects by foot. However, you definitely need a car, if you are not the biggest fan of lazy beach holidays.

Cyprus Car Rental

The island is pretty big and incredibly picturesque. The overall length of the island from the east to the west in 240 km. The width of the island from the south to the north is 100 km. It’s simply impossible to visit all the attractions using just local public transport. At the same time, the island offers a lot of castles, water parks, monasteries, astonishing beaches, and long valleys …

How to rent a car in Cyprus

In case if you are planning to rent a car, you need to think about the preferred location. There are four options in total:

  1. Famous international companies: Sixt, Gertz, Avis etc.
  2. Rental brokers – special websites, which collect offers from many companies at once
  3. Local rental companies on Cyprus
  4. Local offices in the resorts

Let’s find the best option for each situation, and discover the most important nuances for each of them.

Cyprus Car Rental will give you the freedom to move all around the island, allowing to check all the interesting places and natural beauties of this place. We will tell you how to rent a car and will recommend you the best places to make it.

Cyprus Car Rental in a big international company

It’s the easiest way if you love to plan everything in advance. You can book everything at home using the website, and the car will wait for you on the day of arrival at the airport.

There are numerous advantages:

  • Wide selection of cars
  • 24\7 support
  • 24\7 booking and rental
  • Wide choice of branches

However, there are several big disadvantages, and the worst of them is the lack of the individual approach and fluctuant prices. Everything is pretty simple. In case if you want to book a car on the website, you need to make an advance payment or to pay in full in 48 hours before the arrival. The rental price will be blocked on the card until the customer pays in full.

Cyprus Car Rental

The customer has to pay an additional premium fee in case if the rental starts at the airport. One can take a car from a city without a branch of the company only for an additional fee. It’s worth noting that such companies are ready to bring the car only to relatively big cities. They won’t waste time trying to move their cars all around the island because they have a lot of customers.

Conclusion: this is a convenient option, but you need to be careful with the rental rules; you need to be ready to pay a lot of additional fees for everything.

Cyprus Car Rental using one of the brokers

This option is almost similar to the previous one because brokers only work with the rental companies, which were mentioned above. In the end, you will have to deal with one of the rental companies and not the broker.

Cyprus Car Rental

However, the broker gives you the opportunity to choose the best price and compare the offers from various companies. By doing so, you can choose the most efficient option and save some money.

Local rental companies on Cyprus

The island offers a wide range of local rental companies: Privilege Rent a car, Roadsun, Lana Best Cyprus Ltd and so on.


  • One can use their website to make a booking online
  • Personalized approach
  • Flexible prices
  • Loyal conditions of rental
  • No additional fees
  • No deposit until the beginning of the rental
  • The car can be delivered all around the island

At the end of the rental, one can leave the car at the hotel reception or even at the airport, hiding the keys on one of the wheels. However, this has to be discussed in advance.

Conclusion: Cyprus Car Rental in a local company can be more efficient than the same rental at one of the more popular companies. It’s the best choice for the tourists without a credit card. 

Cyprus Car Rental

Tiny rental locations in the resorts

This option is great only if you made a spontaneous decision to rent a car during the holiday. You don’t have to search for offices, read websites or do anything else. You can go to the street and rent a car.

Such rental locations can be found in the most popular resorts. However, prices can be too high during the peak season. At the same time, you are able to bargain and ask for a discount. You are able to ask for a personalized offer. Be really careful, and never allow them to make ‘a very attractive’ offer that will be three times more expensive than the average price of the rental.

Now you know virtually everything about the car rental on Cyprus. Choose the best option for you, and enjoy the holiday at your own pace!

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