Palm Jumeirah Construction Price: how artificial islands are made

How artificial islands are made: Palm Jumeirah Construction Price in Dubai, construction materials, their quantity and the main features of the process.

The manmade island of Palm Jumeirah, which was finally constructed in 2006, is still blowing minds of people all around the world. In this article, we are going to share secrets of how artificial islands are made and will discover the Palm Jumeirah Construction Price.

How was the artificial archipelago of Dubai created?

The decision on creation of the artificial island in the shoreline of Dubai was taken be the sheik of Dubai in 2001. The main goal was to increase the tourist flow by expanding the shoreline and creating new resort infrastructure.

Palm Jumeirah Construction Price

The project details were elaborated by the most experienced engineers from the UAE and the Netherlands. The shape of the island is not occasional one. The palm tree represents the holiday in the paradise. Furthermore, according to the management report, such shape gives by 56 km of beaches more in comparison with traditional islands.

The palm consists of the trunk, 17 branches and a breakwater in the shape of the half-moon and the total length of 11.5 km. The breakwater is 3 meter high and protects the archipelago from the destructing power of waves. The construction process was preceded with numerous researchers of storms, waves, rogue waves and even climatic changes.

16 ballast quarries all over the UAE were used to construct the breakwater. They delivered giant rocks from there. The weight of each rock was around 6 tons. They were put in a shape of the “belt” covered with sand. In order to allow fresh water reaching the beach, the breakwater has two gaps equipped with transport bridges. 

Do you want to know how artificial islands are made in Dubai and what their price is? In this article, we are going to unveil the Palm Jumeirah Construction Price.

At the moment when 4 km of the breakwater were made, the workers started to create branched. The construction process involved more than 110 million cubic meters of sand and 5.5 million cubic meters of rocks. These materials are enough to put a 2.5-meter wall along the equator!

Palm Jumeirah Construction Price

The most difficult thing during the process of the Palm Island construction was to keep the initial shape of the island. The process of the artificial archipelago construction was monitored from space. Engineers were using images from IKONOS satellite with precise dimensions of the palm.

Palm Jumeirah Construction Price

Now we know the entire process of Palm Jumeirah construction in Dubai. The total area of the archipelago is 5 by 5 kilometers, and it’s connected to the mainland with a 300-meter bridge, while the breakwater is connected with the upper branch via the tunnel. So, what was the price of such a construction process? The estimated price exceeds 14 billion dollars. What an eye-watering price tag!

Palm Jumeirah Construction Price

That amount was required to build a new island in the Persian Gulf in just 5 years. It took several years to cover it with luxurious hotels and villas and transform the island into the home of the richest and the most famous people from all over the world.

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