Transfer Travel startup allows buying different booking with huge discounts

Transfer Travel company created the system that allows buying and selling unused hotel bookings, tickets, and tours all over the world.

Currently, the second round of investments for Transfer Travel is carried out. Transfer Travel is the company that positions itself as eBay in the field of travel. It allows buying and selling tickets, hotel rooms, and cruises. The company gives everybody a chance to sell their non-refundable bookings in order to receive at least some money in case if they are not able to use them.


At the very same time, the buyers are able to purchase bookings, tours, and tickets with huge discounts.

Any booking related to the trip, which was unused, or can’t be canceled, can be easily sold or changed with Transfer Travel.

Let’s imagine that a person booked a week in a hotel for $1,500, but they can’t go on the holiday, and the hotel or tour operators are not able to make a refund. Such booking can be sold on Transfer Travel. The lower is the price the higher are the chances to sell it. In the majority of cases, users provide 50% discount, and the mentioned booking can be sold for $750. It’s pretty hard to find such discounts from hotels and airlines, but Transfer Travel allows saving a lot of money.

Transfer Travel

At the very same time, according to Transfer Travel, only in the USA more than 220,000 hotel rooms are not used on the daily basis. 37% of those bookings are nonrefundable.


Currently, the system allows buying and selling the booked plane, train and bus tickets, hotel rooms and apartments, package tours, cruises, event tickets, as well as complex bookings. 

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