Taking the longest zip-line in the world at the speed of 150 kph

Jabal Jais is not just the highest point in the UAE anymore. Starting from now it’s the starting point of the longest and the fastest zip-line in the world.

While going to Ras Al Khaimah, all the fans of the extreme can enjoy the ride on the longest zip-line in the world. Right on the top of Jabal Jais Mountain (the tallest point in the UAE), proud Arabs managed to make another record. They built the zip-line with the length of 2.83 kilometers (it’s equal to 28 football fields). They say that the person will reach the speed of 150 kph on the zip-line; however, it’s still unclear if this speed is real.

Jabal Jais

Just to compare, the longest zip-line was located in the SAR, and had the length of 2 km, allowing reaching the speed on 120 kph.

Starting from today Jabal Jais allows not only looking at the UAE from the highest point of view but using the longest zip-line in the world (2,800 meters) at the speed of 150 kph

The landing platform of the zip-line is located at the altitude of 1,910 meters above the sea level. There’s a great road for cars here, and one can take the bus right from the capital of Ras Al Khaimah. 


The price of the shuttle from Ras Al Khaimah and Al Marjan is 20 AED per ticket. The price of the ride to Abu Dhabi and Dubai depends on the chosen company. In any case, one can reach Jabal Jais with their own car.

Jabal Jais

One can choose as the traditional zip-line for one or two guests, or a special platform for those, who prefer to avoid extreme attractions (it moves slower, allowing people to admire the nature and the views). At the same time, people are able to see the unique panoramas of the mountains and the ruins of ancient towers.


One ride is worth 325 AED. Each person of at least 122 cm and 43 kg can take the zip-line. Kids can use only the special platform. The overall preparation and the ride take 1 hour. 

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