Skype in Dubai: allowed or forbidden?

Skype in Dubai: detailed information about the usage of the program in UAE. Which internet services are prohibited by law, and which are allowed?

Can one use Skype in Dubai: myths and real truth

Skype is the most convenient and easy to use application for video chatting. It’s also the best and irreplaceable tool for those who have parents or relatives in other cities or even countries. It’s also the best solution for tourists who want to stay online during their trips. But let’s discover if it’s possible to use Skype in Dubai.

You can find a lot of messages online, saying that local internet providers are blocking Skype in order to make you using expensive cellular networks to reach your relatives and friends. Is it really like that?

How was it before?

Skype in Dubai

It’s worth noting that Skype was really prohibited in UAE before the beginning of 2009. However, people managed to find other ways to call each other. In May 2013 someone posted “scary” article telling that one has to get official approval of TRA in order to use the program. Failing to do that one could get into the jail for 2 years in accordance with Section 71 of the Telecommunication ACT. Furthermore, one has to pay fine starting from AED 50 000 and up to AED 1 000 000.

The official website of Skype was saying that their services had been blocked in UAE by local providers and they couldn’t do anything to solve the situation. Official representatives recommended contacting local providers demanding them to stop blocking Skype.

Two cellular carriers Du and Etisalat used Skype in Dubai ban to get more profits from roaming and international calls. Just imagine that all foreigners in Dubai who were using Skype would have started using only mobile phones to make calls.

What happens now?

For today, Skype in Dubai is officially allowed and works like in any other country. Thus, you don’t have to worry if you are going to have a holiday in Dubai. Nothing will stop you if you decided to make a video conference with your relatives or friends.

Free WiFi networks can be found in the majority of shopping malls, restaurants, cafes and even hookah lounges. For example, one can get free password after buying a cup of coffee in Gloria Jean's.

Is it possible to use Skype in Dubai? Is it true that one can easily get into a jail for using it? Is there public WiFi in Dubai? Read the article and you can find all the answers…

But you may still face some problems. New Law No. 12 was officially put in force in July 2016. This law strictly prohibits all VPN and proxy servers on the territory of UAE. That means you won’t be able to use Viber, WhatsApp, SnapChat, Facebook Messengerand several other VoIP services. One can use only so-called “legal” services of Du and Etisalat. In other words, the web is thoroughly filtered and controlled here.

Skype in Dubai

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