What is the price of paid beaches in Nice?

What is the price of beach access in Nice: a full description of paid services with the information about the daily price, multi-day tickets, and other services.

Paid beaches in Nice offer the highest level of comfort and additional services. However, they are located on the very same shoreline, having no fences or borders. Each person can pay something for a ticket and use a sundeck, or put their towel, and spend some great time too.


The majority of paid beaches in Nice has their websites, where one can get information about the prices, services and the list of restaurants and cafes. The average price of the beach access is around 14-22 Euros per day. Their main advantage is the existence of wooden decks and special carpets to walk. They also offer comfortable showers and changing cabins. Sometimes the entrance ticket even includes a discount for a local cafe.


Many of them offer multiday tickets, i.e., if one decides to pay for 10-12 days at once, the price for one day will start from 10 Euros. By the way, almost all beaches can be used by people with pets, while kids of 12 years and younger can enter for free.

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Nice Paid Beaches price comparison

One of my favorite beaches in Nice is Opera. It’s the oldest one and works since 1889. It offers a wide free zone, and a well-equipped paid one. Its the main feature is the close location to the Old City.


There’s a detailed price list right in front of the entrance, where guests can get information about the prices for a day and multi-day tickets. Sundecks, parasols and changing cabins are included in the price. A single visit to Opera is worth 16 Euros, while a 12-day ticket will cost you 160 Euros (2 days for free). There’s a special discount for hotel guests, who can enter for just 15 Euros. During the low season, the price is as low as 10 Euros per day.

Nice Paid Beaches price comparison

Another popular beach is Lido Plage. It’s a bit more expensive. To get a sundeck and a parasol one has to pay 21 Euros, while the towel will cost 5. If you want to have only a parasol, you need to pay 6. If you want to spend time in the first line, you need to pay 24 Euros instead of 21. However, one can spend just a half of the day for 15 Euros.


By the way, all the beaches in Nice are well-kept and always controlled by police, so you won’t be able to make a beach party like in Turkey. The basic fine is 50 Euros, while any violent or drunk people will be arrested.

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