Skyjumping in UAE: bright Dubai Skyjumping photos

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Skyjumping: Dubai Skyjumping photos, information for the thrill-seekers, useful tips.

Majestic skyscrapers, manmade Palm Jumeirah Island, The World Archipelago and many other objects can be seen from the clear sky of Dubai. Skyjumping is the most popular and famous attraction among the Dubai tourists. Your Dubai Skyjumping photos will be a great addition to your album, and you just need to overcome the fear. 

Dubai Skyjumping photos

You will reach the speed of 210 kph, so if you have no previous experience in skyjumping, it’s recommended to jump in tandem with an instructor. Even if it’s too scary during the first jump, don’t try to close your eyes, because you will miss a lot!

Skyjumping in UAE
Skyjumping in UAE

Where to jump?

The most popular skyjumping company is located right next to the Palm Island and called SkyDive Dubai. You can find the exact address and some additional information on their official website. The price of one jump is 1999 AED ($540). It’s not cheap yet really worth it. There are special discounts for groups of at least 5 guests.

Skyjumping in UAE

Newbies will hover with assault parachutes, while advanced athletes, who have more than 300 jumps, are able to choose professional one. The main task is to listen to the instructor really carefully. He will tell and explain everything. You need to choose only closed clothes, and avoid naked legs or shoulders.

Dubai Skyjumping photos look really thrilling, but they can’t be as great as real emotions during skyjumping. Do you want to fly? Continue reading then…

Another important moment, the maximum weight is 100 kg for men and 90 kg for women. Your booking is valid for one year, so if you are not able to come on a specific date, you can easily move your booking. You need to make it at least in 24 hours before the planned date.


Each jump is recorded on video and photo cameras. After reaching the ground you can get your Dubai Skyjumping photos, and live these incredible emotions again and again.

Dubai Skyjumping photos

What else?

The standard height is 4,000 meters. The free flight lasts for 1 minute. After that, the parachute will be opened, and you will hover down for 5-6 minutes more. During this flight, you will be able to discover Dubai. You will be amazed at its beauty! Please remember that even the most professional Dubai Skyjumping photos can’t give you emotions of a real flight.

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