Lu4 Climbing Center in Saint Petersburg

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Those, who love the height, the flexibility, the power, and complex obstacles, will be happy to visit Lu4 Climbing Center in Saint Petersburg and get the full range of services and opportunities for climbing.

All the fans of rock climbing and bouldering in Saint Petersburg are well aware of Lu4 Climbing Center. It’s a perfectly equipped venue with three halls for climbing, several dozens of tracks and walls for bouldering. There’s a summer wall that works during the summer months and serves as the perfect place as for professional climbers, as well as for the beginners. It’s also a great opportunity for those, who want to improve their physical condition.

Lu4 Climbing Center


Lu4 Climbing Center in Saint Petersburg is a professional venue with the comfortable and easy atmosphere. There’s a mat without gaps located right under each section that allows reaching the altitude of 3-4 meters without special equipment.


The main part of walls and tracks (of all levels) are located in the building. That’s why the climbers of all levels can come here throughout the day and night.


Some of the tracks are constantly updated and changed in order to allow professional climbers improve their skills, and solve new tasks.

For just 400 rubles on can spend a full day in the climbing center in Saint Petersburg, climbing to the walls of different levels. The place is called Lu4, and one can practice even outside of the building during the summer on the banks of Malaya Nevka River.

Outdoor locations are open from March until September. Sometimes they can be open until October if the weather is fine.

Lu4 Climbing Center

Additional services

A group of professional coaches works in Lu4 Climbing Center in Saint Petersburg on a permanent basis. One can order as a group (up to 8 people in the group) as well as a personal training. Kids of more than 5 years old can participate in training too. Coaches can provide free tips if they are not busy with work.


One can also rent special shoes and a bag with magnesia.


You can also buy some coffee and snacks in order to relax between the workouts, and when other people are climbing on the wall.


Lu4 Climbing Center in Saint Petersburg is the base for various local and national competitions, festivals and performances.

Lu4 Climbing Center

During the summertime, the real fans of Lu4 Climbing Center in Saint Petersburg create groups and visit the natural rocks in the outskirts of the city in order to get real experience. Such trips are open for all categories of climbers and even guests of Saint Petersburg.


One visit to the Lu4 Climbing Center in Saint Petersburg without the coach is just 400 rubles for a full day. On working days before 16:00 one can buy a ticket for 250 rubles. One session with the coach is 700 rubles without the club card or 300 with the card. The unlimited card for a month is worth 3,400 rubles.


Shoes can be rented for 150 rubles, while a bag of magnesia for 50 rubles per day.

Address: Saint Petersburg, Krestovsky Ostrov Metro, Dinamo Stadium (Prospekt Dinamo, 44-B).


Monday 11:00-23:30

Tuesday and Thursday 9.00-23.30

Wednesday and Friday 10:00-23:30

Saturday and Sunday 10:00-21:00

Phone: +7 (812) 931-77-16

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